Top 10 Free News Apps In India – 2022

Top 10 news apps in India

“The window to the world can be covered by a newspaper.”- Stanislaw


Be it a 14th century or a 21st century or be it a newspaper or news apps one thing that did not lose is its dignity and became stronger, bolder, and much candid is “News”. An evolution from a newspaper to a piece of digital news for sure took a reshape with a potential truth to it.

Though people use social media vastly to know about the world, facts, trends, and more, eventually they should glide to the News apps, as it is a right window to the world.

Hail to the technology! We find too many News apps with short snippets getting us notified on the news happening in and around.

10 Best News Apps Of India- 2020

Here are the best and undaunted news apps caught the eyes of the online readers for its 50-60 bites information and as well trending news for its busy and uninspired users.

1. Google News

Google Play Newsstand got effectively placed by Google News.

The news app delivers sophisticated and well-polished news to the readers covering all the stories across the planet and space and its satellites.

2. Inshorts

New Delhi-based Inshorts is one of the popular news apps in India provided with 60 bites news catering all sort of information to the busy citizens. Inshorts covers all the main pieces of information concisely and if a reader wants to know more provide links for it.

3. Dailyhunt

Bengaluru-based Dailyhunt is formerly called as Newshunt, is one of the top 10 news apps in India. The mobile news application is the winner of the GSMA Mobile Award for Best Mobile Publishing Product and the mBillionth Award for News and Journalism.

Dailyhunt has over 50 million user base and is offered in 12 regional languages.

4. FirstPost

Mumbai-based FirstPost is the famous Indian news portal application that collects and brings news from the portal instantly. The news app provides the reader with the tailored topics of news and blogs. Readers can read offline stories as well.

5. Knappily- The Knowledge App

Knappily is claimed to be an award-winning news app features current news comprises of various categories- science, technology, politics, TV shows, books, sports, technology, movies, and more. Each news feature is called a ‘Knapp’.

6. Microsoft News

Previously called as MSN news. The Microsoft news app is one of the officials and noted mobile apps structured efficiently to navigate through the application provided with the various news feed around the world.

7. Flipboard

Californian-based Flipboard is a news and social media aggregator. This news app is considered as one of the stylish applications and exceptional visual quality of the news feed.

Flipboard was initially developed for iPad, but later it was launched in androids starting with the Samsung S3.

8. NewsDog

NewsDog is one of the popular and best Hindi news apps in India. It is a news and entertainment content aggregator brings the trending and interesting stories from 680+ cities in its application.

9. Reddit

Reddit is the International favorite news app. If you are looking for a blend of some exciting news be it a politics, science or entertainment, it is the perfect news application.

A reader can find millions of news in the app. Reddit is an amalgamation of social media, news aggregator, and message boards that makes readers fun in reading.

10. BBC News

BBC is the oldest chap and known for presenting some bold, unbiased, and non-sensational news. Though, they are many popular news apps emerging in the internet sphere, BBC remains as people’s favorite news and news application in the world.


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