Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Better ROI


Monitoring your social media performance is as important as creating an awesome marketing campaign. Many top marketers today embrace a data-driven approach to social media rather than just posting and tagging people blindly.

Measuring your social media performance is not just likes and shares and retweets you received on your posts but there are other metrics of online marketing that you should know to make better campaigns. For example, knowing your top-performing posts so you can recreate them time and time again and be monitoring your most loyal followers. Also, monitoring of your social media activities can help with question marks such as the best times to post or figuring out how to get in front of influencers.

There are a number of social media monitoring tools out there which makes it easy for you to monitor all the important metrics without doing much from your side. In this blog post, we will talk about the top 10 social media monitoring tools available in the market.

Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools

#1 Simply Measured

is one of the best social media monitoring tools which offer you serious sentiment analysis, you can easily measure how your fans and followers are engaging with your brand and your content in addition to how many people you’re reaching on each post.

Other than great monitoring Simply Measured also aggregates a word cloud of top hashtags and key terms broken down by location. This tool can also track the performance of your Instagram stories too.

#2 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the only social media monitoring tool which tells you what content performs best for any topic or competitor. With the help of Buzzsumo, marketers easily monitor the sort of blog posts, listicles and breaking news that followers want to see.

In addition to monitoring sharing metrics, Buzzsumo influences your social content strategy. For example, just plug in any given topic or brand to see how their content translates to social shares via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

#3 Reputology

Reputology is the Review Management and Monitoring platform that helps multi-location businesses improve. Its 24/7 monitoring gives you the ability to engage reviewers quickly and address unhappy customers with timely service.

Reputology essentially aggregates reviews and comments on your business in real-time to help brands respond in a timely manner. The chance to take action quickly could mean the difference between a lost customer or a PR nightmare.

#4 Mention

Mention is one of the most used social media monitoring tools. It gives live updates about your brand from the web and social media. It can monitor over 1 Billion sources daily including social media platforms, forums, and blogs.

Mention also helps you zero in on your brand’s competitor and customers for precise market research. It is a good tool to attract new customers and improve your reputation online.

#5 Socialbakers

Socialbakers is perhaps the only social media marketing tool which has two monitoring tools for Instagram: one for personal accounts and a second exclusively for businesses. The first monitors’ popular hashtags, filters and photos for your audience, while the business platform hones in on competitors running Instagram ads.

SocialBakers allows you to determine which of their paid posts are performing best as well as the campaign performance of competitors and serves as both social media monitoring tool and a competitor analysis tool.

#6 BrandWatch

BrandWatch reveals key consumer insights which Drive product innovation and make you stay ahead of the competition by giving you instant access to customer conversations from every corner of the public web, as they happen.

BrandWatch is complete monitoring tool whether you’re conducting deep market research, or measuring the impact of your latest marketing campaign.

#7 Likealyzer

Likealyzer is a free tool helping brands succeed on Facebook. It serves you your personal Facebook advisor. The tool compares your Facebook page to competitors, partners, or even brands you admire and help you to create better Facebook posts.

#8 Brand24

Brand24 is an awesome tool to Discover what people are saying online about your brand – as it unfolds in real time. Brand24 gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web, from social networks to influential publishers.
It also allows you to React and engage quickly to real-time comments made about your brand. Follow-up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors, or respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you.

#9 Tweetdeck

TweetDeck is a free tool from Twitter offers you a free and simple dashboard to monitor your Twitter presence. It is lightweight, free social media monitoring tools ideal for smaller, Twitter-focused brands.

#10 KeyHole

Keyhole provides real-time tracking of hashtags, accounts and specific URLs relevant to your brand on Twitter and Instagram. it’s easy to quickly export your tracking data and see a word cloud of relevant tags you could roll out in future posts.




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