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Top 10 Home Decor Bloggers in India

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Home decoration is an art. Since all of us do not have those creative hands and heads, we have dedicated this article to India’s top 10 home decor bloggers. We are obsessed with their posts, and surely you need to check them out. Their works of art might just sweep you off your feet. They are a true inspiration for all the aspiring interior decorators and other people who love fashion, art, and culture. So, if you know them closely, they can be of great help to you and your home decor.

There are some amazing bloggers in the India who showcase the Indian decor and the Indian Interior designs. So, Let’s get started with our list of top home decor bloggers in India. 

Top 10 Home Decor Bloggers in India:

#1 Esha Gupta


Esha Gupta is one of the best decor bloggers in India. Her blog named Designer Pataki is quite popular in designers community. Designer Pataki is a curated online magazine and store dedicated to sharing honest opinions, fresh decorating ideas about beautiful interior spaces and designs that are meant to inspire their subscribers to lead a more creative life.

#2 Rajee Sood


Second, on our list of top 10, home decor bloggers in India is Rajee Sood. She runs a successful blog named Home Art Accent. She writes blogs on Styling and Designing Interiors. Rajee also launched her personal label last year(Rajee Sood). She retails her product online from time to time through a pop-up store on her website.

#3 Sangitha Anand


Sajavat is the name of the home decor blog run by Sangitha. Sangitha is a  Post Graduate and an Engineer by education but a Design Enthusiast at heart. Sajavat was born in the August of 2008.This blog is an attempt to document and appreciate all the good things in life-related to art, interiors and home decor.

#4 Rupali Gupta

rupali Gupta--top-decor-blogger-India

Next in the list of top home decor bloggers in India is Rupali Gupta. With her blog TARUSA, Rupali Gupta along with her colleagues intends to integrate Indian handcrafting techniques with luxury products.

#5 Sudha Seenivasan


Sudha is a Certified Interior Designer from Rutgers University. Sudha is known for her unconventional and unique approach to design. Be it a design style or a piece of art, or furniture, she has been able to wow a number of her clients in North America by bringing their thought to reality in their homes. Her home decor blog name is “aegam”

#6 Rohina Khira


Rohina Khira is the Owner and Head Designer of her decor blog AA Living. AA Living also listed as part of “Top 10 stores in Asia” by WGSN in 2009 and won the “Best Linen” award at the GoodHomes 2014 awards. Rohina’s AA Living is Backed by a world-renowned Export company Faze 3 Limited. Undoubtedly she is the most successful decor blogger in India.

#7  Shalini Ganguli


Shalini Ganguli works with a variety of residential clients across the country to deliver designs reflective of their personality. With an experience of a decade in advertising, she is skilled at delivering designs based on her client’s requirements. Infusing a blend of international style with Indian sensibilities, Shalini believes in creating a home as unique as her clients are.

#8 Preethi Prabhu


Preethi is an Engineer by profession. After eight years of working for IT, After that, she quit her job to start IndyaKaleidoscope. Her blog is an online journal to record her journey with designs.

#9 Pavitra Mohan

Pavitra Mohan started her blog in 2007 named “Masala Chai”. Masala Chai showcases South Indian Visual Art and Design from around the world. Pavitra has completed a higher diploma in Arts Management from Lasalle College of Fine Arts Singapore and has turned Masala Chai into a successful hub that showcases hip and desi designs from over 400 artists and designers.


#10 Menaka Bharathi:


Menaka Bharathi runs the wellness and lifestyle blog named Simple Indian Mom. Along with Home decor blogging, she also touches topics like health, parenting, and fitness. Her detailed articles that share information from Vastu tips to de-cluttering steps. Indian Mom is one of the top home decor blogs in India.



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