Top 5 Tips to Improve the Rank of YouTube Videos


YouTube is one of the major search engines on the internet right now. It is booming every year exponentially by a vast margin. After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the world wide web. Most people like to solve their problems or queries in the visual form, so they prefer YouTube over Google. With over billions of searches per month, YouTube leads the way ahead of significant search engines combined including, Yahoo, Bing,, and AOL.

YouTube search engine works on the most relevant results as per the keyword queries. All videos on YouTube are ranked based on the description, title, and content. All the mentioned factors should match the query of a viewer. The video that fulfills all the elements is shown on the top.

There is no hard and fast rule to make your YouTube video appear on the top, but you have to optimize the keywords in accordance with the search engine algorithm.

Search engine optimization is the answer to all your ranking problems related to YouTube videos. The proper optimization of the keywords ensures the improvement in the ranking of a YouTube video.

Here are the factors that affect the ranking on YouTube:

  • Keywords of the Channel
  • Title of the Video
  • Description and required keywords
  • Relevant Video Tags
  • Visualization quality of the video
  • Total watch time
  • Number of the Views
  • Relevancy of the Topic
  • Quality of content in the video
  • Engaging Script with clear representation

Let us dive into the strategies to rank your YouTube video rank better and the best eventually.

Relevant Video Keywords to Improve YouTube Rank

Keywords are the backbone of the ecosystem of the YouTube algorithm. The keywords are pretty different from the Bing or Google keywords. 

Most of the time, YouTube keywords starts with “How to,” especially for queries solving related videos.

To find out the relevant keywords, you need to use some keyword research tools or extensions. You have to find out the following things for a relevant keyword.

  • Volume: Per month search for the particular keyword.
  • Cost per click: What is the price per click amount for the keyword?
  • PD: Paid difficulty to get to know the competition for the keyword.
  • SD: Search difficulty to get to know the estimated competition for a particular keyword.

Optimization of the Video Title:

The video title is the main thing to keep in mind while trying to rank YouTube videos. A keyword with a high search volume in the video title can improve the rank of the video. 

You should try to make your video title clear and crisp to attract more viewers and watch time on YouTube. Do not try to stuff the keyword in the title, but it should be natural. Always try to include the target keyword in the title of the video. 

Video Tags for the Video:

Tags are highly relevant for the video ranking on YouTube. They are indispensable for a better YouTube ranking. Most people ignore the relevancy of the video tags while making YouTube videos. 

Tags are the keywords that describe the internal content matter of the video. The tags should be in the description of the video. Do not use the infinite number of tags, but use only relevant tags with the prefix of the hashtag.

You should include around ten to twelve tags in the video title, video thumbnail, description, and video tags. There are several free YouTube tag generators available online. 

Optimization of the description of the video:

Along with optimizing the video’s title, the description also needs proper optimization with high-search volume keywords. You should try to include the most relevant keywords in the description. 

The description of the video should be unique and clear to the viewers. It is just not about the YouTube algorithm, but the viewers also read the description to get the context of the video. You can also include the relevant website or blog URL in the description. 

An optimized description makes sure to attract more viewers to your videos. You can also include the links to your other relevant videos on that particular topic. 

Highly Engaging Script of the Video:

When you start making YouTube videos for any topic you want to present to your viewers, do not just make a video right away without thinking about the content. 

The script of the video should be highly engaging, along with quality visualization. 

A script can avoid the incoming awkward moments during the recording of the video. A smooth and precise representation of the video grabs the attention of the viewers. 

As per the study done by AdAge in 2015, ten seconds is the time of attention span for the coming viewers to watch your videos. It is challenging to grab the viewers’ attention as the competition is exponentially high compared to previous years. 

Make sure to prepare an attention-seeking script with proper oratory skills. 

Apart from the tips mentioned above, it would be best if you tried to do the following things to get the video on top ranking on YouTube:

  • Do the proper categorization of the videos with Playlists.
  • Try to share the video on social media platforms from Facebook to Quora.
  • Try to include the Closed captions to enlarge the base of your viewers.
  • Backlinking of the video with other social media platforms.
  • Appealing thumbnail for the video.
  • Try to connect with your subscribers to get more subscribers and views.

YouTube is becoming highly competitive day by day. Your content should be unique and original to get the nerve of the viewers. Along with including search engine optimization techniques, try to be as genuine as you can be in front of your viewers. 


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