Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Results


Why does more engagement on Facebook page matters? Are Facebook posts optimized? How to get more fans and people for your page?

Every question has its answer which starts and ends with one word ‘Campaign’. Facebook page, which is a way of campaign for the brand, organization or any other thing that is of concern should be fulfilling its aim. The aim for a Facebook page is to engage more and more people with your motto. A page made recently doesn’t guarantee that page is excellent for engagement. A good optimization and balanced page is the requirement to assure the reach of the people.

Next discussion arises that how to make the total reach of the people in an effective way. These simple steps described here tell the easiest and effective 5 ways to improve visibility of a Facebook page in the results.

Keep Promotion Light:

Promotion of page heavily with spending loads of money is nothing but a short term illusion of success that you are getting too many people for your cause. This is just a waste of time and money until and unless promotion is not well planned. A good Facebook page requires right content more than a paid promotion.
According to new updates overly promotional posts and click-baiting headlines will be penalized and won’t show up as much in the news feed. If you’re thinking to use Facebook as a sales tactic or sensationalizing your updates, you’ll have to submit to Facebook’s pay-to-play model. Rebecca Lieb of the Altimeter Group summed it up perfectly: “It’s a clear message to brands: If you want to sound like an advertiser, buy an ad.”
So keep promotion just to kick start up the engagement, but not use it as ultimate option.

Post at the Right Time:

Timing is everything, that is true even when you are going to post on your Facebook page. If you don’t post updates when you are audience is most likely to see them, you miss the most probable opportunity to engage of that day.
Help can be taken by checking Facebook Insights. Observe the data for each day and according to this schedule your posts. But don’t rely on data only; use your instincts as well.
Observe the view of a user sitting on the other side, for example: If your audience includes age group 15-25 then it is obvious that those people are school going in the majority and they log in to Facebook generally at evening and night time almost between 7-10pm. That way, if you post according to this time than those updates will already be in their news feed.

Use Facebook Targeting Options:

Facebook recently introduced two new targeting options for page posts: Target Interests & Post End Date.
When the update has to be directed to a narrow group, Target Interests is used that time. In this procedure you can expect that some of your audience receive greater engagement. The tactic works best when you are familiar with your fans’ demographics. In other words you are updating posts according to the interest of your audience.
The Post End Date option provides the facility to mention the life span of your post in the news feed. When the end date passes, no one will see that post in their news feed. Sometimes it prevents the audience from anguish generated due to unwanted deluge of posts.

Include Calls to Action:

Facebook users always read their news feed swiftly up to bottom. To make them stop and read post should be kind of different and asking for an action in exchange of reward.
Post can ask them to post with a specific hashtag or it can ask for comment and share their suggestions with a hashtag. Once that hashtag spreads like wildfire then sudden high spike in your audience is no more unpredictable.

Share Links the Right Way:

There are two ways to share links on Facebook. You can either upload a picture directly to Facebook and include the link in the caption, or you can paste a link into your Facebook post and let it populate with an image and description from the article also known as link-format.

The other way is when you paste the link into your update, additional information about the article appears—the title, a short snippet of the article and the website URL—plus any information you share in your update. All of these combined give the reader a better idea of whether the article is worth a click-through.

Choose options like ‘Highlight’ and ‘Pin to Top’ to make the description more visible. Pin to Top facility keeps your post on the top in news feed for the audience on your page. Do this for every post for a span of time so that every single person go through at least once from that post.


Facebook is taking a closer look at how pages are sharing links, and they’ve found that users generally like to click on the link-format posts because those give more information.
To cater to that preference, Facebook will “prioritize showing links in the link-format, and show fewer links shared in captions or status updates.”


Adhering to best practices and staying abreast of Facebook updates can make a big difference in how your fans interact with you. To get organic likes and to optimize Facebook page it is recommended to use good content with a view that how promotion planning works for a page.



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