Top Google Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Must Install


Google Chrome is the most popular and most-used web browser among all web browsers. It was launched in 2008 and it is completely free web browser. It is the fastest browser because it can load the web pages more quickly. In Google Chrome, there is a drag and drop feature in the tabs of new windows, we can easily drag and drop the tabs and can create a new window without disturbing the other window.

Other than great inbuilt features, Google Chrome also has a big reservoir of extensions which can make your daily activities simpler and faster. Especially if you are in marketing business “Google chrome store” has amazing extensions to make your life easier be it SEO, social media or Digital marketing. Google Chrome has extensions for everything. We chose some of the best Google Chrome Extensions for all the online marketers out there.

Let’s look on the top 10 Google chrome extensions that most of the marketers use.

Check My Links

Check My Links is the free extension of Google Chrome. This extension is used to check for the links in your website’s post or article to confer that your article uses valid links or not. You need to open the page that you want to check and click on the toolbar of Check My Links toolbar then it will check for the links in the whole article. It will check for the valid links, invalid links, redirecting links etc.

#2 Momentum

Momentum toolbar is a free toolbar extension that is used in Google Chrome. It is used for making a to-do list of your tasks. This toolbar prevents the user from any kind of distraction. Every time it starts when we open a new chrome tab and reminds us about the uncompleted tasks. We just need to click on the Momentum extension and add tasks in your to-do list. It is available free but you can upgrade to Premium plans that cost you $2.50/month.

#3 Grammarly

Grammarly is the free extension for the Google Chrome that is used to check the spelling and grammar in your articles or posts. Whenever you type some texts on your website it will automatically check for the spelling and grammatical error and by clicking on the toolbar icon of Grammarly we can resolve it.


This toolbar helps you to discover the information about people you are interested in. Whenever we view someone’s social media profile and then with the Discoverly tool we can see their profiles including mutual connections.


GIPHY is the free extension that can be used in Google Chrome to share GIFs directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many more. You need to search for the GIFs that you want to share and then drag & drop the GIF to your post.

The two Facebook extensions: save to facebook and share to facebook

If you want to share some interesting articles to your Facebook’s page, messenger or group then you need to click on the Share to the Facebook icon in the Google Chrome and can now share the articles directly to your Facebook account.

Share to Facebook has an additional feature of Save to Facebook in which we can save the articles or information to send those articles later with the help of Saved Popup.

#5 Hootsuite Hootlet

Hootlet is the Hootsuite’s free extension that is used for social sharing. When we find some article or blog interesting and want to share that article then you need to click on the owlet icon and popup will appear, in that you have to select the social media site and can also edit your message. We can also add some media like images, videos etc. and can set the privacy settings. It will also show the twitter results when we search for some query in the Google search and also helps to show tweets regarding the searches of maps.

#6 LastPass

At workplace, we usually share data and information by the Local area networks. In this we use one computer to send files and tasks to all the remaining computers of the company. Here we can use LastPass extension to secure our data and file from any kind of malicious attacks. If we are sharing the account access to our employees then by using LastPass we can share access of our accounts without telling the actual passwords. This provides us a master password so to get all the login details of the user will be stored. You can also remove that user if the user is not operating that computer or the user has left that computer. LastPass costs you around $2/month.

#7 StayFocused

We spend too much time on social networking sites. To check the time you spent on the social media platforms we use StayFocused extension in Google Chrome. It is a free extension toolbar of the Google Chrome. It allows the marketer to set the limits on the time you spend on social sites. 10 minutes is the default time of StayFocus, whenever you cross the time limit the extension will block that site for the rest of the day. If we want to set the time when we need to first open the site on which you want to set the limit and then open the StayFocused toolbar and enter the time limit & the custom URL.

Full Contact

FullContact is the best Google Chrome extension to get more customers and users. This extension is used to create profiles of your customers including addresses, phone numbers and email id at one place. We can use a FullContact free extension for Gmail that will show customer’s information in the sidebar when we open an email with opening this extension. By this extension, we can add notes and tags in the each customer’s profile. Its premium version costs you around $9.99/month which includes more features like you can add multiple user accounts and it can also create a business card transcription.


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