Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Allocates $1 billion Towards COVID-19 Relief Support


Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, allocates $1 billion in equity to helo COVID-19 relief efforts. This is almost twenty-eight percent of his Square equity that going to Startsmall LLC for COVID-19 relief support.

In the past, Dorsey has allocated more than $40 million to multiple causes and organizations, but most of them were made anonymously. Dorsey mention that all the donations and grants will be public from now on. Lots of billionaires were criticized during this pandemic, for not speaking up regarding the issues. But there are still some exceptions who have come up and initiated help for supporting relief, such as Mark Zuckerberg who donated millions of dollars for research and releif funds and Bill Gates also annouced that he will be investing billions in building factories that will work on building a vaccine for Coronavirus.

From Dorsey’s tweet, once the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled, the funding for smartsmall LLC will shift to girls’ health and education and universal basic income. This is considered to be a long term solution for existing problems in the world, as per Dorsey.


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