Twitter Launches ‘Quote Tweets’ for Retweets with Comments

Quote Tweets

Twitter launched their new feature ‘Quote Tweets’, which will display the retweets with comments in a separate count listing. Twitter users will be able to see this on the main tweet display.

This comes after their last big change to how retweets were shown, in May , where they separated the listing of retweets and retweets with ‘comments’, which was supposed to offer more transparency to the user engagement on the platform.

After a few days, Twitter changed the ‘Retweet’ section with ‘Retweet and Comments’ which made it easier for users to understand the listing count. But the main issue with the feature was that it mixed both retweets and quoted tweets together, which made it a little difficult to understand at first. 

Twitter was seen testing some changes to this feature with ‘Quotes and Quote tweets’, which were displayed separate from each other in the tests. On Monday, Twitter rolled out the new update which introduced the new feature ‘Quote Tweets’. This new feature allows users to view the whole tweet response activity, all in one place. Though this might not feel like a big update, it sure makes it easier for the users to find the content and certainly helps with engagement.


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