Types of video trends on Youtube leveraged by brands and creators

youtube video trends
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For brands that are into video marketing and influencer marketing; Youtube is the one-stop destination. Owned by Google, Youtube is one of the biggest video search engines where brands and creators are present to market their video content. In the last few years, content creators and brands are using different video trends on Youtube to get higher customer engagement.

These video trends on Youtube are creatively engaging and unique for the diverse brands, businesses, and creators present on the platform. 

In the pandemic, Youtube as a platform is seeing a surge as people are stuck at home and binge-watching different kinds of content. This has given brands and creators the opportunity to create video trends on Youtube that grab the attention of the users.

If the content is unique enough, the video trends can bring in new subscribers to the brand or the creator’s Youtube channel. It may also increase the viewership and make the video trend go viral on the platform.

Let us look at the popularly running video trend formats on Youtube:

  1. Youtube Shorts

Today, be it Instagram Reels or TikTok, short video content formats are trending everywhere. 

As short video formats of 45 seconds are dominating every social media platform, then it was eminent that this video trend on Youtube was about to commence. 

In July 2021, Youtube launched its short video format- Youtube shorts. The beta operating short video platform is available on Youtube and allows its existing nexus of creators to publish creatively unique 15-sec short videos.

Nearly, 40.9 per cent of Youtube viewers watch short videos. To compete with other short video platforms, Youtube even created a $100 million dollar Youtube Shorts Fund to laude their creators who are actively publishing content on shorts.

Slowly, even brands started to put out their short videos to get more subscribers to the channel. They are also leveraging the Youtube Shorts platform to create teasers and announcements for any events or product launches.

  1. Reaction videos

Entertainment brands, OTT platforms, and individual creators are constantly publishing reaction videos. These videos are spontaneous and have a humorous element. These videos just record the reaction to any particular instance or moment of another video of a fellow brand or a creator.

Netflix regularly publishes reaction videos with the popular comedian, Tanmay Bhatt, where he showcases his reactions and presents commentary while watching the series and films produced by Netflix. 

The show ‘Tanmay Reacts’ is one of the popular video content on Netflix’s Youtube channel.

  1. Vlogging

For travel, beauty, and food brands on Youtube are leveraging creators to vlogs. 

Vlogs are a video trend on Youtube that leverages the power of storytelling and conversation for creators to connect with the audience. 

Many creators combine Vlogs to showcase their daily routine that caters to either work or leisure.

Vlogs are raw and unfiltered which makes it even more appealing to the viewers.

4) Guest and collab videos

Both brands and creators are creating videos in collaboration with other creators to talk about a particular topic or a niche. 

For creators, this is more like a casual talk with their peers as they navigate through their different mindsets and ideas. It is done to showcase how creators are very united together as a community.

For brands, it is more of a marketing and promotional motive to have guest and collab tlk show videos. These kinds of video trends on Youtube help the brand to get more subscribers as the creators talk about candid things that align with the brand. Sometimes, games and quizzes are also introduced in such video formats.

Tinder with many lifestyle content creators and web series artists have created video series where conversations take palace about consent, dating in India, and the safety of women.

5) Branded Content Series

After 2010, web series were dominating Youtube channels. But now with more OTT platforms coming in, web series has shifted to online streaming platforms. But for brands, this has given them the opportunity to create branded content videos that uniquely humanizes the brand through a story.

Commercial brands have collaborated with the storytelling platform terribly tiny tales to create brand videos by leveraging short storytelling.



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