Voolsy Screen is revolutionizing the world of Retail using Digital Signage!


Voolsy Screen is a product of Voolsy. Voolsy mostly caters into the hospitality segment with their innovative solutions like iBeacon based ordering an app, POS, Kiosk and many more. With the requested requirement by their existing clients and within dept market analysis of retail segment, Voolsy launched its Digital Signage business Voolsy Screen in 2018. Voolsy Screen is a cloud-based most effective dynamic signage for display of your multimedia content. Be it retail, corporate or automotive, Voolsy Screen helps to bring liveliness in the marketing efforts of brands.

“With online world taking over the retail market, the biggest dilemma for retail stores is how to grab the attention of more customers. Digital Signages are gradually bringing more life to the world of Retail. With attractive displays, scheduled promotions and videos, digital signages are helping retail sector reach masses” says Smit Nebhwani, Founder & CEO of Voolsy.  

“We have worked on several enterprise products. Our current portfolio includes many renowned brands like Barbeque nation, Global Kitchen, Mahindra insurance and many more. Our simplified approach to technology always helps our clients to gain the maximum advantage of our products. We have designed Voolsy Screen with most advanced features to ease the business processes and to help retail outlets push marketing content with one single click.” Says Chirag Purohit, CTO of Voolsy. 


Voolsy Screen is available on Play Store and Amazon Store. The system can function with any TV with Amazon Firestick or Android box. Moreover, the system works on Android tablets as well which supports interactive content. The setup is easy and can be implemented in minutes. Any kind of media be it images, videos or interactive HTML – they all work well with Voolsy Screen.

Using Voolsy Screen:

Voolsy Screen is designed in a way that it is easy to use and understand. Upon downloading the app, one simply needs to link the device to the system, publish the content and you are ready. The advance scheduler helps to organize or plan the content well in advance. With Voolsy Screen, one can simply upload the design and push it across devices at remote locations.

“User experience is the key to the survival of any product. One of the core factors that needs to be considered to deliver user experience is the way the features work. The working of the product should be simple, and it should eliminate as many redundant steps as possible. We kept this thing in mind while designing Voolsy Screen. Many of our clients that use Voolsy Screen often comment on the fact that the system is absolutely simple which makes it more user-friendly” Says Smit Nebhwani.

About Founder – Smit Nebhwani

Smit is a tech geek who has been with the IT world for the past 8 years now. After delivering huge customized enterprise software solutions for clients, Smit decided to launch a range of in-house products under the brand Voolsy. Voolsy Screen is one of his products among others. His goal is to offer simplified business solutions to enterprises.


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