What Are the Best Methods to Monetize Your Blog in 2022?

Monetize Blog

Building a blog and making a living from it is a dream job for a lot of people. But for people who just started their blogging journey, might find it difficult to achieve. There are no shortcuts to this process, and everything has to be done one step at a time.

First, you build a blog by choosing a comfortable niche, something that you are interested in. there is no point in building a blog about technology if you are more interested in art. Once your blog is up and running, you need to build an audience for the content you are delivering.

Building an audience for the content you are writing is the next step. This is where you can start monetizing your content. There is no one-beats-all method to monetize your blog, and you have to choose the ones that fit the most for the blog you have built. Here are some of the best methods you can use in 2020 to monetize your personal or professional blog.

Affiliate Advertising

Most of the new bloggers focus on getting approved by advertising networks at the beginning, which might be the easiest way but is only beneficial if they have more than 10,000 visitors per month. To make a significant amount of money, these visitors need to from specific countries such as the USA or Canada, since some advertisers pay more for visitors from these countries.

This isn’t an easy task when you are just starting out. pulling visitors from higher-paying countries is one thing, but getting more than 10,000 visitors, in the beginning, is another. This is why new bloggers should start their journey with affiliate marketing.

Having an attractive blog and unique content will help you generate a lot of revenue from affiliate marketing even when your blog is small. For example, if you are building a blog about website hosting, and put some referral links to buy the best hosting plans, a lot of people will visit the link and might buy a hosting plan. This will help you earn easy referral money.

There a lot of networks out there that offer you different types of affiliate programs, that are perfect for people who are just starting out in the business. Just keep your content unique and offer genuine advice about the product you are referring to your audience to. Click-baiting or scamming people just to get your referral clicks will only drive your audience away.


One of the easiest ways to monetize a blog is by using advertising networks. All you have to do is put your ad codes in your blogs and wait for visitors to visit or click on your ads. It is usually easy to get accepted by most of the advertisers, as long as you meet their requirements.

Don’t expect to make a lot of money with just ads until you get at least 10,000 unique visitors per month. Even then you have to understand you might not get as much money from these methods as you would from affiliate marketing. Most of the time, the ads will be irrelevant from the content of your website.

But this is still one of the prominent methods of making money with your blog at the beginning. There are a lot of advertisement networks in the market, but just to be safe, you can start with Google AdSense until you get a network that will pay you more than what AdSense does. Most of the high paying advertisers will only accept you once you have more than 10,000 unique visitors per month.

Direct Advertisement

One of the best methods to monetize your blog s direct advertisement. These are sponsors that can help you generate a good amount of revenue from their ads. To find an advertiser, you can post a banner on your blog notifying visitors that you have ad space available to sell on your website.

You can also visit websites similar to your niche and identify the advertisers they are using and contact them for your ad space as well. Send them a professional email explaining your offer and wait for their response. You can also contact the companies around your location, that are relevant to your blog’s niche for advertisement on your blog.

Though it might look like a lengthy process that needs a lot of work, the payoff is much better than regular advertising networks. You can charge the advertiser based on clicks or impressions. Since these advertisements won’t be random and will be relevant to your content, your advertiser will get responses from the visitors on your blog.

Online Courses

Another great method to earn money from your blog is by selling online courses. Though building a course might sound like a lot of work, but it can make you a lot of money.

Assume you have good knowledge about programming, building an online course that includes videos as well can be really helpful for your readers. It might take a few tries for you to perfect the course but it will be worth it in the end.

If you are not interested in building a course yourself, you can always sell a course from others on your website. Just make sure the content and course are relevant to each other. You don’t want to end up selling cooking courses in your programming related website, that will be really irrelevant and might repel your visitors.

You can also sell some affiliate eBooks on your website as well if courses sound like too much of a hassle at the beginning.


Making money from your blog might not feel like a possible task, let alone an easy one at the beginning. But you need to understand that there is a lot of competition and it will take some time to build up your repo in the industry. Once you have a significant amount of visitors, these methods will help you generate some quality revenue.


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