What are the Meta-Search Engine? List of popular meta search engines

meta search

Search engines are the most important part of the Internet or we can say that without search engines we couldn’t able to search for the queries that is striking on our mind. We search for each and every query on the Google search engine. Whenever the doubt is generated then we searches in the Google search engine by typing the phrases, keywords or any kind of sentence. There are many top rated search engines in the world like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, AOL.com, Baidu, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo, Internet Archive and Yandex.ru. Meta-Search Engines are very similar to the other search engines but it takes data from the other search engines like Google to give results of user’s queries. Meta-Search engine first takes input from the users and send queries to other search engines and then give results according to data collected from other search engines. Meta-Search Engines have many types such as Savvysearch engine and Metaseek engine from which user can access the specialized information present in a particular field. Meta-Search Engines collect the data from the different search engines and after that, they use their own algorithm to make those results in an order. If we talk about the advantage of Meta-Search Engines then by this we can search for our results in very less duration because Meta-Search Engines use less-known search engines to produce results at very less time. Meta-Search Engines also filters the duplicate search results so that if you search again on the Meta-Search Engines then it will not show the same URL twice in the search results. Today we look at some examples of Meta-Search Engines by which they are very popular.

meta search



It is the famous Meta-Search Engine that is situated in New York. Ixquick has also developed another version called Start Page and Ixquick takes data from the Start Page search engine for user’s queries. This meta-search engine also uses the star system, by this it can search for queries according to the star system to get the accurate results. This meta-search engine also provides some features to users like powerful refinement, advance search, and limitation to European servers. Ixquick uses Google search engine for the queries and it collects data from different search results like from Web, Image, News, Videos, Maps, eBooks and many more. The big advantage of using Ixquik is that it doesn’t track your IP address and Cookies and it will give the same results as Google gives.



It is the meta-search engine which is very popular among different meta-search engines. Dogpile was launched by InfoSpace LLC in 1995 and it collects data from Google, Yahoo, Yandex and many more meta-search engines. This meta-search engine provides many different features in search results like it provides preferences on search, search recommendation and search from the different users. This meta-search engine not only provides web search results but it also provides you with images, local listings, shopping deals, news, and videos.



Metager was launched in Germany in 1996 and this meta-search engine is used for protecting the search of users from any harmful viruses. Metager was developed by the collaboration of two organizations i.e SUMA-EV and the University of Hannover. It is best meta-search engine because it gives results to the users after filtering, sorting and compiling the results. People can search according to their choices among the different options like ‘check for availability’ and ‘sort by date’.


It is the meta-search engine that collects information from the top rated search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, MIVA, LookSmart and others. Metacrawler provides us a professional search by adding German and International sources. This meta-search engine was developed by Erik Selberg and Professor Oren Etzioni in University of Washington in 1994.



Sputtr is the most famous meta-search engine among the other search engines. In this, we can customize the search engine as Sputtr has a feature in which we can build our own homepage for the search page. With this meta-search engine, we can search faster because it gives the accurate result of what we want to search. It gives top rated results from the different search engines and websites like Google Image search, Google Web Search, YouTube, Dailymotion, Google News, Facebook, Twitter, IMDb, Slashdot, About.com, New York Times and many top rated search platforms.



Mamma is very decent kind of meta-search engine as it provides accurate search results. But Mamma doesn’t use any kind of search engines to provide results of queries. This meta-search engine provides the results of image, video, web, news and local. Mamma also provides search results for pictures from Yellow Book, Mapquest and many other platforms. Mamma is very much similar to the Bing search engine.



Search.io is the best meta-search engine that provides vast opportunities for the better search results. You can search for anything which you want to search like music, video, blogs, books, image, social bookmarks, web 2.0 sites, jobs, people and many more. It is the best search engine for those who want better results in just one click. We can easily get our answers by searching on Search.io. Search.io provides a single platform where a user can collect and learn about different subjects and areas that are happening in the world.



Info.com, another meta-search engine which is quite good for the users who want results from every single platform. Info.com provides search results from different web search engines and pay-per-click directories. Info.com is situated in London, United States. It provides search results from the top search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, LookSmart, Google, About.com and Ask. Info.com also provides you search results by comparing different results like comparing product reviews and shopping. This meta-search engine provides searches like image, video, white pages, tickets, flights, hotels, weather, maps, directions, news, health and many more different fields. Later Info.com uses different search platforms to get their query results but now onwards it takes information and data from Bing. We can also say that this meta-search engine is similar to Yahoo search engine.


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