WhatsApp Turns 10! Let’s Time Travel Into The Decade Milestone


WhatsApp is 10-years-old now! Awesome possum.

WhatsApp is the first thing which comes into my mind when I want to share anything with my people. We are so much addicted to the messaging application where we cannot withstand without it even a minute. Slowly it became a substitute for the word ‘message,’ where now we say ‘Let’s WhatsApp,’ ‘I WhatsApp you,’ etc.

WhatsApp is our sheer source and our virtual friend in need. With the help of this application, we can connect to the people across the seven seas. We have seen many applications that faced ups and downs, but the application looks like not ready to settle down since its launch, and surprisingly its user base is growing wildly by bridging people around the world.

Let’s time travel into the decade milestone it marked till today.

2009- WhatsApp is founded on 24 February 2009 by former Yahoo! employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They named the app to sound like “What’s up.” During the initial stages, the app is used for only messaging, and later it evolved as a photo sharing, video calling, and voice messages.

2010- WhatsApp introduced “Location Sharing” feature to enable users to share their location with their friends and families.

2013- It kick-started with more number of users by introducing groups for its users. It has about 200 million active users by February 2013.

2014- On February 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for the US $19 billion. April 2014, is the first milestone the company reached by raking up to 500 million users.

The same year, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced Blue Ticks feature which buzzed loud among the users.

2015- In January, the company expanded by rolling out its feature for desktop users.

2016- The year is for sure a mark on a calendar. The feature reached its second milestone by reaching from million user base to 1 billion active users. It also introduced end-to-end encryption for safe messaging.

2017- The messaging giant made its features more interesting to use by introducing WhatsApp status, where a user can upload any stuff which disappears in 24 hours.

2018- The base grew bigger, better, and stronger by reaching from 1 billion every day to 1.5 billion user base. It became unstoppable. This is the year it has introduced a WhatsApp Business app, Stickers, and Group calling.

2019- Viola! WhatsApp turns 10 years old! Growing monstrously big, better, and powerful with no roller-coaster episodes.

WhatsApp Trivial Features

It is continuing to build algorithms and bringing more features to the users. Here are some features which might be not known for a fewer mob.

No blue ticks

Blue ticks can switch it off by following the simple steps.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts.

With this feature, the messages will remain unread.

Hide last seen

Many portions of the users use this feature.

Go to Settings> Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

Your personal chat box

The feature comes in handy to chat with your regular friends by creating a shortcut for their contact and place it on your home screen. Here is how to. Long press on the particular chat which will pop up a few options. Click on ‘Add shortcut tab.’

Customize notifications for contacts

This feature is simple and straightforward. Open the desired chat by clicking on the name and tap on the custom notifications.

All hail WhatsApp! Happy 10th Anniversary!


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