Women Safety on Social Networks



Past few days have been all about Women Safety and so is today. I wanted to write this article since a long time but never had an occasion better than these days. This one is exclusively meant for the beautiful creation of God and Nature and to fight those  beasts who have no respect for the kinds who gave them birth.


 Illustration by Graphic Designer, Jackie Lay

Perverts, Stalkers and Molesters are not only there in the buses, trains or streets, they are there on Facebook and Twitter too. Today I’d be sharing a few tips that could keep you or your wife, daughter or sister from becoming a victim.

It’s Your Fault If It’s Default : Whatever you post, tweet, update, share,  even if it’s deleted immediately afterwards has the potential to be captured by someone, somewhere, without your knowledge. There is no such thing as ‘private’ in the world of social media because anything you put up can potentially be grabbed, copied, saved on someone else’s computer and mirrored on other sites. So think before you post or have a very strong Privacy settings that could resist it all.

Don’t Share Location: Avoid sharing Locations with your posts or tweets. This is something bad guys are always waiting for. Be cautious about using geo-location services, apps, Foursquare, or any method which shares where you’re at.

Tagging is more than just Sharing: Tagging is a tool for Stalkers that tells them whom you are with most or what time of the day. Tagging in Pictures and Posts could leave you vulnerable and easy to target.

Posting Messages on Timeline or Tweets: This is something you should ask your friends and family to avoid, these fun messages or chit chat on Timeline or Profile page could turn into something obnoxious. Ask them to instead send Private messages.

Applications: Review before letting Applications use your data. There are thousands of Apps on Facebook, Twitter and Other Networking Websites which maybe harmful for you.

How Do I Know You? : Never accept a friend request from someone you don’t know. Even when someone appears as a mutual friend of a friend or several friends, think twice about accepting unless you can concretely identify who they are and how they’re connected to you.

Don’t let them do it again : If you faced molestation or harassment, you should raise your voice against it, You should respond in a way that could make them feel humiliated and embarrassed. Maybe this could change the way they see you. Don’t hesitate to share it with Family, Friends or Law Enforcement Bodies, these are the only people who can protect you from those monsters.


You should understand that with independence comes responsibility. It is up to you to preserve yourself from intruders. You can become a very easy target for people with bad intentions, if you ignore all the little but important things you do online. Take up these and a few more precautionary measures and have a Good Time Socializing Online.


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