WoodenStreet eyes for a new store in Whitefield, Bangalore


Already on the trail to expand its stores across the country, WoodenStreet is building up to opening a brand-new store in Bangalore, and this time it’s targeting Whitefield.

Since 2015, WoodenStreet has been raising the stakes when it comes to premium-quality solid wood furniture, allowing people the freedom to customize their furniture as per their needs. Ever since then, WoodenStreet has erected 30 delivery hubs and 12 brick and mortar stores across the country.

Lokendra Ranawat, CEO of WoodenStreet, wants to bring a shift by introducing people to the quality and the freedom of customization that WoodenStreet offers. “For the past three years”, he explains, “we have been observing how people like to visualize the furniture. Although we do provide a visual aid to our customers, we thought it better to launch a chain of stores that not only lets them see their furniture but also get that ‘touch-and-feel’ experience that they’ve always wanted.”

WoodenStreet - bangalore

Its first foray into brick and mortar experience stores had begun in Bangalore. And keeping up with this, WoodenStreet decided to launch a new wave of stores, beginning once again from the Silicon Valley of India.


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