World’s 1st Dedicated Blockchain QA Testing Company Launches Magic BlockchainQA


Magic Software Inc. & Solmark announces the launch of Magic BlockchainQA, world’s first ever dedicated QA testing company that focuses on Blockchain platforms.

Magic BlockChainQA offers to take full ownership of QA testing from businesses that are busy building Blockchain applications for their customers.

Blockchain needs specialized QA testing skills that have an understanding of business logic, DevOps, and QA processes. Magic BlockchainQA team brings its experience of testing blockchain solutions, partnering with industry players and using its strong knowledge of the financial services industry to provide effective feedback to the blockchain product development teams. Magic’s scalable talent pool of blockchain QA Testers and QA Testing processes will help blockchain based solution/product organizations to meet their time-to-market goals without increasing the cost of delivering the solutions.

“Blockchain platforms have the potential to transform industries as businesses start leveraging the distributed ledgers to create a system of permanent records between counterparties without any intervention and reconciliation. This requires a high degree of certainty in the logic of the blockchain application and integrity of the solution that is being delivered. Magic will bring a 3rd party independent QA testing approach to ensure that underlying platforms deliver the business outcomes as desired by the industry. We are truly proud of our team for demonstrating deep understanding of the Blockchain ecosystem as we enable our clients to focus on their business,” says Acky Kamdar, CEO at Magic Software Inc.

About the Company

Magic BlockchainQA is a new solutions initiative from Magic Software Inc., a venture funded by Solmark, Inc. a Private Equity group. Magic Software Inc is a leading technology development company that focuses on bringing digital solutions to several industries including Education and Financial Services and has satisfied customers across the globe in its three decades of existence.


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