XTRAPREMIUM petrol from IndianOil – Fill it to feel it


Motorists in India don’t see the advantages of using premium fuel. The marginal price premium is another reason why they opt for ordinary fuel. IndianOil believes the advantages of using XTRAPREMIUM petrol cannot be explained, they need to be experienced.

This has been the core thought of the humorous campaign conceptualised by Grey Group India. The two films take consumers on a journey that showcases the benefits of using XTRAPREMIUM petrol.

 XTRAPREMIUM has additives that cleans the engine and keeps it young; it reduces friction which ensures better driveability and mileage. Consumers need to experience these advantages to understand the true value of premium fuel.

 According to Vivek Bhambhani, Sr. Creative Director, GREY Group India, “The creative challenge was to create a surreal experience for consumers that showcases how XTRAPREMIUM raises the bar on driving.

 The story unfolds in an IndianOil petrol pump, where the brand loyalist tries to explain to his cynical friend the feeling of driving with XTRAPREMIUM petrol. To help his friend understand the feeling, he takes him through a magical journey only to realise that it’s not possible to explain the feeling, it needs to be experienced.”

The campaign released on radio and outdoor platforms last month and was followed up with two television commercials that released this week.


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