[Campaign Review] Motorola’s #phonelifebalance campaign


In their Diwali-2017 campaign, Motorola has urged people where they encouraged followers to celebrate Diwali offline. Motorola India has posted a video that exhibited some real people and real moments from Diwali 2017.The video showed that lots of people were still caught up with their phones and what’s online, missing out on celebrations and fun in real life. Motorola India encouraged their followers to check their #phonelifebalance by answering a few simple questions on their website, which followers could access through a link provided in the tweet.


The objective of the Campaign:

In the ad campaigns, Motorola was urging people to spend time with their family on this festive season. Rather than looking at your phone screen all the time. The concept of the campaign was different from other mobile companies as Motorola is urging people to spend time with their loved ones rather than a phone.


The main objective of whole Motorola campaign was to make people realize that they are wasting way too much time on their smartphones by motivating them to take a #phonelifebalance test by answering a few simple questions on their website.

Questions Asked in #phonelifebalance:

Motorola asks you 10 simple questions and gives you score from 1 to 5. 1 being least phonetic and 5 being the most. Here are some the responses we got from some of the celebrities.

This is how famous stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant performed in the quiz.

The test was also taken by famous celebrity Soha Ali Khan. This is what she tweeted.


The campaign became instant viral on the internet the challenge was taken by many national and international celebrities. The campaign also helped Motorola in extending their fan army even more on all social media platforms.





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