Big ..Bigger..Biggest..92.7 Big FM – Case-Study

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Radio has always been an effective source of entertainment since ages. Earlier it focused primarily on news  or some training programmes conducted by government for well wish of its citizens. Now the basic concept is same but the presentation skills have changed. This change has been readily accepted by the general public.


There are many radio stations now. 92.7 BIG FM  with the tag line “Suno Sunao-Life bnao”  has done a pioneered job in very small time span.It  came into existence with only one radio station on 26 September 2006. Within just  eighteen months it extended the empire to  fourty five cities . At present it  has spread across 45 cities, 1200 villages and more than 50,000 villages. Not only this, It is a leader in more than 30 cities.

Success Mantra

1. Best Shows

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Big FM  hosts  some of the most popular shows like Yaado ka idiot Box with Nilesh Mishra,Suhaana  Safar  with Anu kapoor ,BigCricketHeadquaters  with Harsha Bhogle and Virendra Sehwag,The bollywood critics given by Bhawna Saumayaa ,  actor calling actor,Kuch Panne Zindagi Ke  and Caarvaa-e-Gazal  with Talat Aziz. These are the shows which give happiness and peace of mind to its listeners. These run in all the  major cities.

2. Superb RJs

The city level RJs of Big FM  are innovative.They  keep organising thoughtful events that not only entertain but also inspire the life of people in a positive way.Some of the popular events were Big Green Ganesha, green Durga pooja etc.

3. Social Media Campaign

One  media helping the other.  Social Media is the most popular   and effective source of entertainment and information.So My radio stations including 92.7 Big FM readily joined hands with social media to  rule the industry.

Big FM has incorporated three most popular streams   – Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.Let us look at  the respective campaigns

Big FM joined twitter on October 2009.Today it has 8,180 followers  around 5,800 tweets . The organisation has posted 372 photos and videos . At present the tweets mainly come from the sections of world cup,the famous shows of the channel ,The most recent Budget announced.

Similarly on Facebook the official page of Big FM has around 5,63,673 likes . A greater no of viewers has hit the  videos of Big FM .


The fact that people are now more inclined towards entertainment ,  The level of effect that media is laying on general public  must had inspired Big FM to get more social and connect via social media.

This   has benefited the organisation both in terms of money and fame.   It has grabbed numerous awards at the Creative Abbys at goa fest 2013,Golden Mike Award and even the international award like the New York radio Festival.Every day Big FM is reaching new 4.6 crore listeners across the nation. Thus the Social Endeavour  has been achieved to a great extent.