Drizzlin Media’s campaign reaches to over 20 million people through JK Paper’s #SwitchToPaper

Switch To Paper campaign

With an aim to initiate a discussion on the environmental impact of single-use plastic and the alternatives to it, JK Paper launched #SwitchToPaper, a positive-impact campaign that reached out to more than 20 million people online.

 #SwitchToPaper was conceived and executed by JK Paper’s social media agency, Drizzlin Media. JK Paper, has always stood up for the environmental benefits of the use of paper, was the trigger that inspired Drizzlin Media to come up with the campaign after single-use plastic was banned in two states in India, in June 2018. The agency decided to utilize the growing volume of online conversations around the plastic ban and show customers of the credible, environmentally sustainable alternatives that can be made from paper.

The campaign which lasted for a duration of over 2 weeks saw participation by umpteen celebrities and online influencers like Dia Mirza, Gautam Gambhir, Sorabh Pant, Anuj Prajapati and more. In totality, about 100 online influencers supported this ‘campaign with a cause’ while thousands more pledged to #SwitchToPaper via a website designed by the agency, especially for the campaign.  www.switchtopaper.com saw over 70,000 unique visitors over the course of the campaign and was used to not only garner pledges but also to bust myths around the use of paper and it is the cause of deforestation. A tangible example of #SwitchToPaper, the ‘Paper Box’ was also curated by the agency to generate both interest & curiosity around the campaign. The ‘Paper Box’ included Paper bags, Paper Straws, Paper Coasters and more. The box was then gifted to online influencers to initiate a discussion around #SwitchToPaper. Besides digital media, a partnership with Radio Mirchi was also utilized to spread the message, the station having a 3 crore listenership across Delhi & Mumbai, 10 lac listenership per day per city. An association with Cafe Coffee Day was also made in which an activation was carried out across 250 outlets in 8 cities (Delhi, Chandigarh Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata) for 1 month, with an estimated reach of 30+ lacs. The activation entailed CCD displaying the campaign message in the form of tent cards and the outlets switching to the use of paper straws, which were arranged by JK Paper.

In conclusion, the campaign not only gave the JK Paper brand a boost on social media, but it also helped in aiding to change perceptions around the use of paper as an environmentally sustainable alternative to single-use plastic.



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