You And LinkedIn Endorsements


LinkedIn is constantly improving its features in order to lead the league of best business social media platform and the feature of endorsements is somewhat mystical and annoying for some users. Many users still live in dilemma that endorsements are similar to likes on Facebook. Many users have started receiving these endorsements since the inception of this feature and this write up will explain the importance of these endorsements for your profile in a significant manner.

After talking to many professionals and researchers it was identified that since its inception in 2012, LindkedIn issued 200 million endorsements and users are using almost 10 million endorsements a day. The main purpose of these endorsements is to make people recognized for their skills and expertise. Endorsements can be considered as a first step taken before actually recommending an individual for a skill.

It was also revealed that endorsements can come from people to whom you are not even connected and this is due to the expanded connection on LinkedIn. This again helps the individual in reaching to the potential employer or consultant. Other set of people suggested that one should only connect to the people whom one can endorse skills and the ones who can endorse an individual’s skills. This will keep the endorsements genuine, as it will come from first-degree connections of an individual.

These endorsements cannot be removed from the profile, but one can surely hide these endorsements by editing the profile. Hiding endorsements is not a good idea as after the introduction of listing skills and experience feature by LinkedIn, many people have started filling out their expertise with top 10 skills and it is a good way to showcase your skills to the visitors who may be looking it. Endorsements on these skills act as add on, as the consultant or recruiter consider endorsed skills over the ones, which does not have any endorsements.

Endorsements from your employers or manager can be considered as another cherry on cake as it reflects that you have been successful in reflecting your talent in a project or previous task in an effective manner. The individuals who do not possess any endorsements from their connection don’t have to worry about the search results as, LindkedIn has not framed any strategy for linking endorsements and search results.

linkedIn endoresements

Many recruiters were questioned about how they consider endorsements and recommendations on an individual’s profile and the responses were mixed as many considered endorsements not significant and few considered it to a limited extend. Some replied that it looks good on profiles but to test an individual these recommendations are not enough. There are many individuals who find it burdensome to handle their different social media accounts but, it is recommended that one must consider LinkedIn profiles seriously and get ahead of the curve before other professionals take lead.


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