YouTube brings ‘Music Charts’ in India


Months after launching its music streaming service, Google owned has launched ‘YouTube Charts’ that will display India specific lists of trending songs, artists, music videos in one place. After the addition of India, YouTube charts is available in a total of 56 countries across the globe.

Pawan Agarwal, Head of Music Partnerships, YouTube, India and South Asia at YouTube said “Indian artists have truly gone global. Week to week in 2019, on average 20% of the entries on the Global Top Songs chart have featured Indian artists. Their popularity outside India, is a testimony of YouTube’s massive global reach, and the opportunities it offers to artists. We are very excited to bring YouTube Charts to India, as it is not only a reflection of the success achieved by artists, but also a way for new talent to be discovered


What is Music Chart?

‘Music Charts’ from Youtube tracks trending artists, music videos, and songs updated every week at 12:30pm. The artists and songs categories are calculated by combining all official versions, including “the official music video and lyrical videos.

Music charts and insights can be accessed on the web and can also be accessed via YouTube Music. The charts are divided into Top Songs, Top artists, Top music videos and Trending.


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