YouTube Introduces Hashtag Landing Pages for Better Learning

YouTube Marketing

In a recent update this week, the largest video hosting platform, YouTube, has introduced a series of latest updates and changes to its platform that focus on improving user experience and offers enhanced functionality for its latest features.

YouTube recently revealed that they are dedicated to providing better access to the educational content on the platform. Hence they will be carrying out an experiment to see the new changes affect content delivery. With the latest update, the titles of the videos will automatically be translated to other languages such as Italian, Arabic and Portuguese.

Additionally, once a user clicks on a video, they will be introduced with automated captions translated to the languages mentioned above. However, this is only possible for the people who reside in countries where these languages are spoken. According to YouTube, this experiment is undergoing to overcome language barrier difficulties that most people worldwide face with educational or informational videos.

Hashtag Landing Pages

With the new update, users on YouTube can now discover videos using hashtags. Click on a specific hashtag, and you will be taken to a page that contains every video with that hashtag. Earlier, users were directed to a landing page focused on a topic instead of that particular hashtag. This update will be available to all users with the latest YouTube app.


Another significant update will offer the ability to add text in Shorts. However, this feature is only available to the users who already have access to the Shorts features on the YouTube app. The process of adding text will be exactly similar to how text is added in YouTube stories. Additionally, a dedicated button for Shorts is now available for Indian users on the official YouTube app.

The new changes definitely open up more doors for users, marketers and businesses alike. Mainly for educational and informational content creators on the platform since their content will have a broader reach.


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