10 Amazing Tools to make your Instagram post look better

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Instagram is the most famous social networking app in the world. Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Now Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc. Instagram app is like Facebook and Twitter where we can share photos, videos or any post. We can upload images, videos and can add different filters to make it more beautiful. Now we can also follow HashTags in Instagram to increase more followers. In this app we can upload current stories and can also live streaming on this app. Instagram is the one of the top social media app on which we can grow our website’s traffic and followers. We can make a business page, photography learning page, yoga page, automobile page, blog page and many more. We can now see the posts and content of the users by the help of tags and locations.


The most followed person of Instagram is Selena Gomez with 137 million followers. Don’t you think it’s an awesome platform for anyone who is looking for a platform where he/she can become famous? Instagram is the best social media platform where you can run a business by providing online services and products to people like Amazon and Snapdeal. Approximately 95 million photos and videos shared daily on Instagram. There are 50% of people who access their Instagram accounts daily and there are approx. 25 million business profiles on Instagram and there are over 60% top brands that use the same filters for their every post. But how they make their post more beautiful and effective?

Let’s look at the top 10 Instagram tools by which we can make our post better.

#1 HootSuite


HootSuite is the best tool for time management. HootSuite allows us to save posts according to their schedules. In this we don’t have to worry about our posts, we can easily do other works also. We can schedule the posts according to their timings. Sometimes we forget to post on social media apps so for this we use Hootsuite for publishing our posts in the correct time period.



It is one of the most used branded hashtags (#vscocam) among any other hashtags. But VSCO is the best photo editing app by which we can make pictures to look more real and professional. We can change the brightness and exposure of the picture and create a high-quality image. We can add more filters to our pictures for the getting a better quality image. It is available on both iOS and Android. It is a free app but if you want more filters and options then you have to go for the paid version.

#3 Canva


Canva is the most popular app for adding graphics to Instagram posts. Canva is used to add beautiful and impressive graphics and you can also create Instagram stories with the help of Canva. We can use the Canva’s library where we get templates and can use it in the Instagram stories. Like we are uploading a picture then you can add filters with the help of Canva and can directly upload it.

#4 Snapseed

Sometimes we want to edit and upload our pictures in less duration and for that we can use Snapseed. Snapseed helps us to edit our pictures quickly. It is a Google’s image app by which we can edit pictures and screenshots easily. We can apply filters on images like as we do in VSCO. There are many tools present in Snapseed like brush, ambiance, tune image to edit images and make them more creative and attractive.

#5 Whitagram

Whitagram is an iOS app. It is the best app to add the white background in the pictures. We can add the white borders in the pictures like we want to add some description to the image then we can use Whitagram app. We can also edit the size of white borders.

#6 Boomerang


Boomerang is the best app to make GIFs-like mini videos that play in forward and backward. Boomerang allows users to take a snap of photos in a loop. We can create a boomerang in Instagram and upload it in stories of your Instagram account. You need to tap on the record button then it creates a short animation which plays in the loop in forward and backward.

#7 Instagram Insights

We can also make business pages on Instagram and can promote our company and their products. Instagram Insights is the best feature by which we can see our page’s analytics where we can see the information of your followers like they are from which country, at what position they are currently working, about their age and gender. We can also check for the users which are always active on Instagram. If you want analytics then first you need to convert your personal account to business account.

#8 Storeo


Sometimes we record different videos of short duration like we are recording some videos of 15 seconds each and then we try to upload those videos which takes so much time. With Storeo we can record long videos and then we can split those videos into packages of 15 seconds.

#9 Focalmark

When we post something on Instagram, people think about getting more followers through that post and then they use hashtags to get more traffic on posts. Focalmark will be a good choice if you are looking for hashtags for your posts. Focalmark provides us the famous hashtags which we can use in our social media posts and can get more followers & likes. Focalmark searches the hashtags according to the interest of humans and ranking algorithm.

#10 Juicer

Juicer is the best app to view your Instagram posts from anywhere. Juicer app combines the hashtags and posts of Instagram to make a single beautiful social media post. These posts will be displayed on your website’s feed. If you are using WordPress then you can install the Juicer WordPress plugin on your website. You need to create an account on the Juicer and then you can add your all social media accounts and hashtags that you want to display on your website’s feed.


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