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10 Best Youtube Channels to learn Digital Marketing for free

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Youtube, the great platform not only for entertainment but also to gain knowledge. Almost 5 million videos are watched on youtube every single day. There are a various number of categories in the youtube. It provides a great range of videos for free of cost learning.

Digital marketing courses are quite a bit expensive not everybody can afford to learn digital marketing from high-end institutes. For people like this, youtube can really be a boon and a great resource to learn digital marketing for free.
There is a number of youtube channels that teaches the users everything about digital marketing right from SEO, high quality leads, social media strategy, networking advice, marketing, business growth each and every detail of digital marketing.
Amidst these number of channels, what are best channels that provide the information from A to Z in digital marketing and worth to subscribe for? In this blog post, we will talk about 10 best Youtube Channels for free online digital marketing training

Top 10 Youtube Channels to Learn Digital Marketing


GARY VAYNERCHUK has a youtube channel named GARYVEE of about 1.3M subscribers. He is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, founder of VAYNERMEDIA which is a digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across companies for locations. Gery is also a prolific public speaker venture capitalist,4-time New York’s best selling author and has been named to both Crain’s and fortune’s 40 under 40 lists. His youtube channel not only consists of teaching videos of marketing but also about life, his fun rants about marketing. He also asks for people’s poll on what to make videos about.


Jay bear is an internet pioneer, an entrepreneur and New York’s Times best selling author. He has advised with more than 700 companies since 1994 including Caterpillar, Nike, Allstate and 35 FORTUNE 500. He is the founder of Convince and Convert, a strategy consulting firm that helps prominent companies gain and keep more customers through technology, social media. His blog about content marketing has taken 1st place. He has started the youtube channel named “JAY BEAR” on 18th nov 2008. He presently has 6587 subscribers and has posted more than 100 videos.


She is a social media marketing consultant. She has a youtube channel in which she teaches the users to learn social media marketing strategies. Her channel is named by her own name”KIMBERLY ANN JIMENEZ” and has 26124 subscribers. She started posting the videos from March 2012. Her first video was on 30 March 2012.


It is a global certification standard in digital marketing education. They have many branches all over the world. They also have branches in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai etc. it works with global inputs and provides their students with the higher qualification and skills required for present digital marketers. They have also started teaching students online. Their youtube channel contains the videos with great digital marketers and their talks about present marketing. They have about 7000 subscribers and joined youtube in 6th June 2009.

#5 Moz Youtube Channel

It is a marketing analytics software. The Moz youtube channel has about 43K subscribers. It has many videos about SEO related. It provides many tips that help you improve your knowledge about search engine optimization. It is stated as the best online marketing community. The youtube channel has started posting since 2012. It helps the users to level up their optimization and search engine skills. It is a great platform for the beginners to learn all about SEO.

#6 Neil Patel

He has posted  237 videos and has about 107,355 subscribers. He is a social marketing consultant. He is also a New York’s best selling author and a top influencer on the web. He is also one of the top 10 marketers, according to the Forbes. He shares his knowledge about the marketing skills, SEO, increasing of traffic for your blogs etc in such a simple way. He is a co-founder of crazy egg, hello bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP to grow their revenue.


It is a youtube channel that explains the viewers with marketing and sales. The channel has around 49k subscribers and posted 1144 videos. The HubSpot provides tips and tricks for the success and growth in the marketing fields. It not only gives information about marketing but also about artificial intelligence, internet of things, and every other field. The HubSpot shares the customer success stories even to inspire the viewers.


There are also Indian youtube channels that help us learn about digital marketing in our very own language. It is an institute situated in Jodhpur that also provides online videos. WSCUBE has 117 videos and 19k subscribers. It has videos like SEO, social media optimization(SMO), ad campaigns, marketing with social sites like facebook, google webmaster, email marketing, off page optimization, search engine working, content marketing etc.

#9 SEMRush

It is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing tool. It also runs a youtube channel which has posted 990 videos with the background of 19,436 subscribers. They provide the information about video tutorials, webinars, tips and more about the digital marketing. It is an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It mainly focuses on the topics like SEO, content strategy, social marketing, PPC. It also conducts live site audit with famous marketers.


JON LOOMER DIGITAL” is a channel that mainly focuses on the Facebook marketing that helps advanced marketers. It all started in 2007, he used a lot of facebook for business purpose while with the NBA. he then went on his own at the end of 2011 and started his own blog on social media marketing. He teaches all about the Facebook marketing that includes how to create custom conversions, how to add targeted locations in bulk, how to use clicks to conversion facebook ad optimization.


These are all it. Check them out, Trust us they are worth to try. Once tried if you like their approaching the subject, subscribe to them and make sure to watch every video of theirs to learn about digital marketing.


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