10 Simple and Effective Tips for beginners to save money on your PPC Campaign


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is often the fastest and convenient way to find ideal customers for your brand. Although it’s fast and convenient, it can cost you a fortune without any positive results if you make mistakes.

In this article, we will discuss 10 of our very best money saving PPC tips to make sure you never ran out of budget while running PPC campaigns.

#1 Focus on Your Key Product or Service

As we all we need to pay for each click on your ad, so place so you should start small and place your bet on the best of the products you have. This will help you get the best out of the budget invested. Creating PPC campaign to advertise your primary product or service that will minimize the amount of money which you’ll while searching for the best possible method.

#2 Add Long Tail Keywords

Adding long tail keywords is always a safer bet whether you are doing PPC or SEO. Long and more specific keyword terms are typically less competitive (and therefore cheaper) than more generic terms. Your search query reports, the Keyword Planner, and other keyword research tools can help generate new, long-tail ideas.

#3 Use Extensions to Further Increase CTR

The third money saving tip for PPC campaign is to increase the quality score of your PPC campaign by increasing CTR by using ad extensions to make your ads more clickable.There are dozens of ad extensions available on Google AdWords, so no matter what type of business you run or what you’re trying to sell, there’s an extension or two that could help your ads stand out.

#4 Review Keyword Match Types

Broad match keywords can be costly, as they yield a great amount of traffic that is not hyper-qualified. Use more restrictive match types like modified broad, phrase and exact. While your volume may decrease, you’ll be showing your ads to more relevant users resulting in more clicks, conversions and high-Quality Scores.

#5 Adjust Keyword Bids

Regularly assess your performance to identify times when it’s appropriate to reduce your keyword bids. If a keyword has a super-high CPA, consider reducing your bids. If the term is in a high position, it may drop slightly, but your CPAs will also decrease considerably. If the term is in a low position with a super-high CPA, you’re likely overpaying for its poor performance. Bump your bids down and focus on improving Quality Score for that particular term.

#6 Device Targeting and Optimize Bids for Mobile

More and more people are searching for goods and services as they go about their day, and even searches that convert from desktop may have actually begun on a mobile device. So, hop into your campaign settings to segment your performance by device.

#7 Run A/B tests

Running split tests is an important PPC practice—it’s the best way to ensure you’re optimizing your account. However, far too many people let these tests run on far too long, meaning they’re giving the losing ad/landing page more screen time. Revisit your A/B tests regularly to see whether you have sufficient data to declare statistical significance. When you do, cut the cord with the crappy version and give your winner more visibility.

#8 Relevancy of Ad is important

Search engines algorithm loves to keep those ads on the top which match their format as attempting to give best user experience. Therefore, you need to make advertisements which are relevant for search engines as well as users. Search engine calculates your ad relevancy based on the clicks made by different users in order to ensure that your targeted keywords related to your products or services are an essential part of campaigning process.

#9 Add Negative Keywords

Mine your search query reports identifying terms that are triggering your ads to appear, but are not truly relevant to your business. You can set these terms on an ad group, campaign or account-level basis. Be mindful of your negative match type settings, to maximize the effectiveness of your newly added negative keywords.

#10 Start Remarketing – Now

Remarketing is, without a doubt, one of the best ways you can save money in PPC and make your existing budget work much more effectively. With RLSA, you can create campaigns with ads that will only be triggered if a user is on your remarketing list and is searching with keywords that you are bidding on. Because these users are highly qualified, these campaigns often produce high click-through and conversion rates, resulting in excellent Quality Scores and low CPAs.



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