10 Tools To Track Your Competition’s Marketing Growth Strategy

10Tools to track your competitor's marketign strategy growth

Chapter 2- Tools To Spy And Hack Competition’s Strategy

Being a savvy marketer, you cannot operate your company in a bubble with no spur of competition. Your market success comes with plotting different strategies to outdo the rival in the marketing space with better profits.

As a startup marketer, one must be capable of using proper marketing tools to analyze and hack the competition’s strategic growth. Money and time matter a lot to a startup, unlike the major brands. Digital marketing has evolved with enough tools to track and analyze your competition’s marketing growth.

Your market is not confined to only a few competitors to defend; internet business has expanded immensely with credible options and tools to survive.

Previously in Chapter 1, we rendered you with 5 tricks to trace your competition’s marketing strategy.

Now in this chapter, let’s list out 10 competitor’s research tools to spy on their marketing strategy growth by comparing it with your marketing analytics and hacking strategies.

10 Tools To Track Your Competition’s Marketing Growth Strategy

1. Google Alerts

This is a free go-to tool and easy to use. Sign up in Google Alerts and enter your competitor’s website names to get notified on what they are posting. You can even set the tool to track their links, mentions, and keywords. Whenever your competitor updates with content, the tool alerts you straight in your inbox.

2. Google Keyword Planner/ AdWords

Keywords in the search are the most important tool to analyze what your competitor using a keyword that steering traffic to the site. Google AdWords tool helps you to track the keywords of your competitors and the average traffic they earn, both paid and organic.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is a cherry on the cake to the most of the marketers. It is an all in one tool to analyze the data by covering all the factors like SEO, PPC, Content, and more.

You need to input either URL, domain, or keyword to have a graphic report on data- rank, ads, keywords, and traffic. This tool even helps you to compare it with different sites.

4. Ahrefs

One of the most popular digital marketing analysis tools used by many digital marketing companies to the audit report, URL rankings. Backlink analysis, competitive analysis, and more. The tool is extensively used for SEO analysis. You can use it to track your competitor’s high viewed content, organic keywords, and traffic.

5. Alexa

Alexa by Amazon is one of the sophisticated tools to rate websites and display traffic allied data. Many competitor research tools work on who you are competing against by inputting the domain, brand name, or keywords. But with Alexa, you can identify who your competitor is. This tool helps you in finding industry benchmarks and can discover sites to promote your market with guest posting or by any means.

6. Monitor Backlinks

This tool helps you to follow different competitors backlinks sent straight to the inbox. It also provides the highest and lowest domains, whether you follow or no follow them. On the dashboard, you can look and compare your results. It helps you to find link-building opportunities with other sites.

7. Buzzsumo

One of the favorite tools to track the viral content of your competitors. The tool tracks the most viewed of nearly every chunk of content online. It tracks the most famous content for a keyword provided, searches, and contact influencers that have similar content to yours.

8. Feedly

The go-to tool for content marketing. Feedly tool helps you to check the impossible dozens of competing blogs you want to follow to know their strategies. The tool helps you to stay up-to-date with their content strategy just by accepting the notifications from the site to get updates and new content.

9. SocialMention

This is one of the savvy tools that have features to track on blogs, videos, and even social platforms. You need to search either a keyword or a company, and the tool generates what’s being said about the input you sought across blogs and social platforms. This is one of the best tools I would recommend.

10. SimilarWeb

A tool for web rankings to get traffic insights for any website. SimilarWeb helps you to track category rank, global rank, and country rank of the particular website with the graph that shows a weekly number of visitors in the last 6 months. The big orange bar in this site allows you to add competitors and even suggests you on who you may want to watch.

Whizsky’s Takeaway

There are around 20-25 more competitors research tools to analyze and track your competitors. Even if you track them, you must be capable of outdoing them by understanding the dozens of marketing content and their strategies to win the game and earn profits and fame.

As a startup, you hesitate a bit of spending money on some tools. If you do not want to spend money on buying these tools, you can use Google and Bing competitor research tools to spy on what the site owners do.

Other research tools to interest you in tracking

  • Link Prospector- for backlinks
  • iSpionage- for keywords
  • Majestic SEO- for backlinks
  • Sprout Social- for social media management software
  • SpyOnWeb.com
  • What Runs Where- for monitoring ads.

Hope we earned your interest with the tracking tools. Do share. Comment.

Let us know your great 5 tracking tools.


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