Steps To Create Channel And Upload Videos On IGTV

steps to create channel and upload video on IGTV

Instagram’s IGTV, which is a standalone application, was released last year, i.e. 20 June 2018 as an answer to YouTube. It is Instagram’s mini TV version to create and upload videos of more than one-minute length.

To popularize it, Instagram allows users to share the its video content on their feeds. The videos appear on the Feed for a minute and then flashes with “Watch on IGTV”.

For all the billion users of Instagram maniacs who want to start their IGTV journey by showcasing some creative sides and mint some money for their businesses, here is a handy guide to brim up with some videos.

How to: Steps to “create” a channel on IGTV

On Instagram app

Step 1- Click on IGTV app icon in the top right side of Feed, or open app.

Step 2- Tap on Settings—> Create Channel.

On desktop/web

Step 1- Tap on your Instagram profile.

Step 2- Tap IGTV.

Step 3- Click Get Started and follow the instructions.

Voila! Now you can upload a video on your channel.

How to: Steps to “upload” a video on IGTV

On Instagram app

Step 1- Click on the icon on the top right corner.

Step 2- Tap ‘+’ on the right side. Select the video that has a length of 15 seconds – 10 minutes from the gallery.

Step 3- Click on next.

Step 4- Choose the desired cover image and click on next.

Step 5- Add a Title and Description for the video.

Step 6- You can choose to share a preview of your video and even share your video on a Facebook Page.

Step 7- Tap “Post”.

On Web (

Step 1- Open a web browser and go to

Step 2- Tap on profile and click on IGTV.

Step 3- Hit the Upload button.

Step 4- Drag and drop a video file or click ‘+’ and select a video.

IGTV limitations

Instagram sure has some curbing points to work on.

1. Videos in IGTV cannot put any filters.

2. Zoom in and out option is not available as you can do in an Instagram story.

3. Finally, you cannot crop your video.

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Hopefully, Instagram looks through these limited features and update soon.


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