10 Twitter Accounts For Writers To Follow For Better Writings

10 Twitter accounts for writer to follow for better writings

Writing to me is like….

“A tune of carefree words of a Jazz Age.”

Writing has a most impactful tone that can make or break the minds of readers thought towards the world. An impromptu writer happens to be a person fill with thoughts and experiences of the social drama. Our inspiration for content writing starts with inspiration. 

Till today content writers used to follow cliche rules-

  • Avoid jargons and obscure verbose.
  • Understand how to say it with words
  • Express better with fewer words. 
  • Add some images, videos to the content.

….And so on to be a better content writer.

If you are looking to make your writing better and join the wordsmith club, Twitter is the best to count on.

Join Twitter’s social gathering to be a better writer

You might be thinking about what Twitter has to do with the writing. Twitter is a hotbed of many things like politics, debates, opinions and more. It is like a social gathering where you can find like-minded people, the clan of writers, tricks and tips on how writing can make you a wordsmith.

10 Twitter Accounts For Writers To Follow For Better Writings

According to the people interests and follow, here are few Twitter Accounts to follow and improve your writing skills.

Meet a host of wordsmiths and follow their Twitter Accounts

1. @StephenKing

“Read and write four to six hours a day. If you cannot find the time for that, you can’t expect to become a good writer.”

Stephen Edwin King is the man who tops the list of Twitter Accounts for writers to follow. He is, of course, a legend in writing. If you observe Stephen words, he uses it effectively to impress his followers. And moreover, you can find his tweets with a writing tip.

2. @MerriamWebster

Merriam-Webster is one of the popular online dictionaries every one uses to know the definition of a word. This American website is for sure to be followed Twitter Account to make your content more interesting with some slangs. Their Tweets always helps you to understand the common confusing words.

With this, you can learn about a word every day.

3. @WritersDigest

        “Writers helping writers.”

Another famous Twitter Accounts for writers to follow for better writings is Writer’s Digest. The account gives you a spectrum of writing tips, how to be a better blogger, write a blog post and much more.

4. @writing_tips A.K.A Daily Writing Tips

Are you looking to improve your grammar, usage, spellings and more? You have to follow Daily Writing Tips Twitter accounts for writers to enhance writing methods. 

Their 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid book gives you a clear understanding of what and how to write.

5. @GrammarGirl 

“In the United States, periods and commas go inside the quotation mark. In Britain, they go outside the quotation mark.”

Mignon Fogarty is an NYT bestselling author, podcaster, and Quick and Dirty Tips founder. She is an internet celebrity famous for grammar tips. Her Twitter Account is one of the popular accounts for writers to follow for tough grammar questions and more.

6. @MadamGrammar

Madam Grammar moniker is Lisa McLendon. She is a grammar evangelist who finds “joy in language and walking the fine red line between prescriptivism and descriptivism.”

Her Twitter Account is one of the popular accounts for a writer to follow to enhance writing methods to save from humiliating mistakes.

7. @JeffGoins

Jeff Goins says, “I’ve been writing most of my life, but only recently became a writer.”

A Twitter Account a writer to follow for cleaning up writing mistakes is Jeff Goins feed. Goins is known for the best-selling books Real Artists Don’t Starve and The Art of Work.

You can follow his Tweet feeds for a bundle of tips and tricks to make yourself a better writer.

8. @copyhackers – Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe’s Copy Hackers twitter gives you a lead on how to deal with your web pages and marketing materials. Talking about Twitter for a better writer, her feeds are to be followed on how to gain readers’ attention to your business.

You can learn her witty writings about good and not so good call-to-action buttons. 

9. @AdviceToWriters – Jon Winokur

Jon Winokur Twitter Account gives you the inspirational messages of writing and how to be a better writer. This Twitter page gives you a kickstart on writing with a touch of inspiration.

10. @ReedsyHQ

Reedsy is a community of 200,000 authors and publishing professionals. It is one of the self-help Twitter Accounts for writers to follow to and get a shot of inspiration to your writings along with tips and tricks.

Whizsky Tip For Writer’s Block

Always start writing a few short lines, and of course, Twitter, which limits to 280 characters, will be an excellent booster to improve your writings for both social media content and blogs. Take inspiration from famous writers but do not steal the writers content.

Start commenting on pages you follow for better honing of your writing skills.

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As we know Twitter is famous for hashtags (#) here are a few to explore more-





These are my favourite Twitter Accounts for writers to follow. What’s Yours?! Because….

We love to hear from you. Drop a few to let our readers know about.


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