Writer’s Block Therapy: 15 Content Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Writer’s Block Therapy- 15 Content Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website

“Content builds relationships.”

Content has the power to make or break the relationship with the so-called readers. It’s got the infinity power to push the audience to your website, like (Avengers) Infinity Stones. To build a healthy relationship with your viewers you need content “IDEAS”.

Every now and again a content writer should be able to bring new ideas to lure people into clicking, like, share, and get inspired. It gives you instant traffic to your website. But sometimes a content writer or creator struggles to find great ideas to their website blogs. But still, you need to come up with a content idea to drive more traffic to the website.

What to do then?!

Feeling stressed out. No problem.

At a stage you feel a kind of hinder, what we call as ‘writer’s block”.

Are you one of the struggling writers unable to drive content ideas to your business or marketing blog? Do you need help?

Then… the article is an ‘SOS call’ to help you to drive more traffic to your business blog. Let’s scroll down.

Whizsky’s Writer’s Block Therapy

15 Content ideas to drive more traffic to your website

1. Curating from resources

It is always suggestible to refer from other blogs like compiling a Top Ten best blog posts sort of topics and create content.

2. Group help- brainstormers

Asking help from your peers, blogger friends, offline friends or work contacts for idea and opinions can sometimes give you best ideas for the content.

3. Ask on Reddit

One of the best ways to get ideas is through Reddit. You can ask questions on the platform for better content ideas. Otherwise, you can glance at what people are talking about and sharing on.

4. Dust off your old blog post

When everything doesn’t work out, you can rely on your previous content from your blog archives and can update with the new information.

5. Giveaways, Discounts, Competition, and more

This is the best way to improve your traffic. Who doesn’t love to win something with no strings attached and not paying from their pockets. We feel like winning the world. Do collaborate with other business to offer prizes by hosting quizzes, games and more.

6. Weekly Roundup Posts

Share the top and interesting articles of the week regarding tips, social media news, etc. You can build up relationships with other bloggers.

7. Spotlight small businesses/startup stories

Interview or review about the small and local businesses and startups. Create content by posting it in your daily blog. This tip always helps your website to drive more traffic and one of the forever content ideas.

8. Grab viewers with Seasonal Content

Creating the right content at the right time always grab the viewer’s eyeballs. For instance, you can talk about holiday themes content like regional festivals, Valentines Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Holiday Destinations, etc.,

9. Share videos on workshops

Sharing the content you are best at always help people learn things. Pre-record videos on training, tricks, and tips, so on to your viewers. YouTube is the best source to drive traffic to your website.

10. Create a poll related content

Tedious and lengthy content always irks people and skip reading the content. Try conducting a poll or survey on the burning topics and get the opinions from your viewers. More chances to get numbers to the site.

11. Be a member of Quora

Get a Quora account, try to answer your followers’ questions and provide links to the site of yours if necessary. This gives you a significant source and leads to the website and content.

12. Create the content on the Case Study

Write about your experiences in the blog, even it is a failure or success so that you give the audience a better chance to understand what happens if they try to do it the other way.

13. Setup predictions and trends

One of the best content ideas so far, I would suggest. People love to follow trends and what to know what happens in the future. Try to catch the pulse of the audience by creating content on trends that are going on and predictions likely to occur in the online market.

14. Create Infographics

Content is not compulsory to be a paragraph, and the audience sometimes likes content to be in the form of graphics. Create Infographics on any of the trending content so that they find interesting to scroll down and share with others.

15. Invite Bloggers to your website

This the best way to get access to your audience. Invite bloggers to write a guest post on your website. It benefits both the approaches.

We hope you love our writer’s block therapy session.

Read. Scroll. Share. Comment.


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