John Mueller’s Tips on Optimizing Images for Search Results

Google Webmasters

In the latest edition of Ask Google Webmasters video series, John Mueller from Google gave a series of tips on how to optimize images for search results.

Before going for the technical details of image optimization, john Mueller asked website owners to take a step back and look at whether you need to change things or not, don’t optimize images just for the sake of optimizing them.

Mueller suggests to start off with a plan. Think about how you want to be found in image search results and find the type of queries that people are looking for.

Google Webmasters Image optimization

Once you have found how it can be done, find the ways your website can be useful for people who are looking for images in the site. Once you have optimized how people can find your images, you can move on to optimizing your content for the search engine itself.

Technical Considerations

Here’s the list of important things you should consider according to Mueller for image optimization:

  • High-quality images
  • Relevant and visible placement
  • Captions
  • Descriptive page titles and alt text
  • Descriptive file names
  • Loading speed


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