10 Ways To Promote Mobile App For Free


From “Hello!” to transferring money everything is possible with Mobile. The mobile application became a central part of present-day lives. Mobile apps made our lives more convenient, they entertain us in various, providing access to websites and other platforms. Mobile apps became a quintessential platform in helping us to generate creative ideas and other products.

More than 2 to 2.2 million applications alone run in the Google play, and more than 228 billion users download the apps globally. Many Users and consumers bank on mobile apps bandwagon. Now and then the app trading continues to enlarge its marketplace from Business to entertainment apps.

Initiating a new mobile app is not an easy task for the app developers in such a flooded market. Mobile app developers need to advertise to promote or market their apps to make it visible in their app online to the users to get downloaded.

Now can promote a mobile app for free!

To promote a mobile app needs money to be spent in bulk and make it visible in the marketplace. Trading a mobile app for free is possible with the Top 10 Tips which costs you only time and increasing the count of downloading.

Tip #1 Scout on more mobile app stores

Google Play store and ios are leading giants in trading mobile apps across the globe. Try not to limit yourself to these two marketing place when launching the new app. The smart way to launch the new app in increasing its viewers’ count is to promote the app in different app stores which is available in myriads. There are multiple chances to expand or promote the mobile app easily and for free.

Some popular and alternative app stores:

  • Amazon appstore
  • Samsung Galaxy App
  • Getjar
  • Mobango
  • SlideMe

Tip #2 Introduce your mobile app

The multitude of mobile apps run in the market and strive hard to gain the consumers. But to make your app as a lead try to have a defining landing page. Define your mobile app in well creative and attractive way to the users by not making it look too loud or just dull. Both the ways make viewers step down from downloading the app. Make it precise with the explicit content and some creative techniques to interest them to download. Especially, create eye-catching content.

Tip #3 Leverage Social Media to campaign

Best way to promote your mobile app for free is to take advantage of social media. Everyone uses social media platform for getting the latest updates and trends and so on. Campaign about your app on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, and other platforms.

Nowadays promoting anything with zero cost is possible with the help of these platforms.

  • Post regularly about your mobile app.
  • Feature your app in blogs.
  • Tweet about the new mobile app by making it trend with hashtags.
  • Create your website so that users might find it easy to know more about your mobile application.
  • Provide links of your site in blogs and other platforms.

The more use of the sites helps your mobile app to create buzz among social media users.

Tip #4 Create a Demo Video

Promote your mobile app by creating a best quality demo video in the app. Most viewers find it interesting in watching a video about the product rather than reading the content with too much information. Show the best side of your app by attracting the viewers to get more number of downloads.

Tip #5 Get it to Influencers

Influencers pave you with the legion of followers and users to make it most downloaded the app. Build an honest and authenticated relationship with the influencers to promote your mobile app. Influencers are the power to influence the apps. Most of the business owners reach out to the influencers to market their apps. Genuine sponsorship will make you a strong app trader. Make them understand what the app is about by asking their permission to spare some time to explain the idea about launching the mobile app. In this way, it helps to maintain a standard PR with the consumers in a most effective way and run your app with a large count of users.

Tip #6 Promote with ASO and SEO

With ASO:
Promote your app with the tool within your app store, commonly known as App Store Optimization(ASO).

  • The app should contain a unique and understandable name to remember.
  • Describe your app with the relevant keywords to search along with similar apps in the app stores.
  • Make it avail with the screenshots and a demo video to explain about the app.
    Eventually, provide the app with the customer ratings.

With SEO:

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the crucial factor not only to the other marketing sites but also to the launching or promoting a mobile app. Analyze which keywords help your app to be the most searched app URL to make it be in the top ranking site.

Optimizing your app in the marketplace not only helps you to be a good trader but also helps you to increase the number of users. Don’t copy the same content while trying to use keywords, try the unique way of pulling people to your app.

Tip #7 Build a strong public relations

To create a buzz about your mobile app never miss a chance to take liberty in using the traditional method like media publicity and coverage. The media is one such individual who helps in spreading the news about your new app. Organize media events, interviews about launching the new app. Publish interviews with the industry experts with the mention of your app.

Interesting fact: Apart from all these you can reach the broader audiences by podcasting about your app and also Guest blog posting to strengthen your new mobile app.

Tip #8 Eye-Catching App Icon

Unique App Icon is the other best way to make your mobile app stand out among the other apps. Many people take an interest in apps with an eye-catching icon.

To create a noise among the users follow:

  • A unique icon with an enticing shape.
  • Limited color pallets to create contrast. Generally, 2 color pallets recommended.
  • A less text with the attractive graphics.
  • And avoid using photos as possible.
  • A creative design like a Squarewallet which almost make it look like a hologram.

Tip#9 Launch your App in the local stores

Yes. The best way to leverage the traffic to your application. Place a QR code or just a sticker in the local stores by informing your customers that you have a mobile app. The other skillful factor is by having a QR code on your business cards, everyone who has a card can have a direct link to download your new app.

Tip #10 Attend business programs and award events

Another rising factor to promote your app for free is to promote about it in essential industry events. Engaging with the attendees and showcasing about your app helps in increasing the audiences and also to the industry experts and influencers. Shout out about your achievements by promoting the apps in award platforms gives you the potential to gain the recognition of your work. Not only in promoting your app but also helps in thinking creative way by updating it some minor changes to gain traction. Submit your entries to be in award nominations. Winning the awards also helps you to expand the number of users and viewers. So, it’s worth in actively participating and publicizing about your new app and its development to win the best.

Above all tips, one of the most useful factors is about taking the feedback from the customers. Apps developed for the benefit to the users in every sphere. Success is not sure while developing the apps, especially in this crowd and favorite apps currently in the market. So, skillful optimization of your app with no frictions makes your application one in a million.



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