Weekly Roundup : Social Media News and Updates

Social Media News Round up

We are back with some of the amazing new updates in the digital world and social media this week. Check out the new updates and features added to your favorite social media platforms.

Learn more about the trending and hottest new social media trends with Whizsky’s weekly roundup of Social media news and updates. 

This week’s list of #SocialMediaNews includes Twitter Starts Tracking of Political Ads In India, YouTube Music Premium Makes Grand Entry Into India Streaming Market, YouTube To Introduce A Fact-check box For Certain Types Of Searches, and much more. Let’s Checkout.

Twitter Starts Tracking of Political Ads In India

On March 11, the microblogging platform Twitter opened its political ads policy and Ads Transparency Centre (ATC) for India. This center allows anyone across the world to view details about Twitter ads by political parties, with further information like ad spend, reach, payment information and targeted demographics.

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YouTube Music Premium Makes Grand Entry Into India Streaming Market

YouTube Music was first launched in the US in May 2018, and now the streaming app is keeping its bigfoot in India. The app also provides Indian listeners with covers and folk songs that aren’t available in any music streaming app so far. This announcement has been icing on the cake to the music lovers.

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YouTube To Introduce A Fact-check box For Certain Types Of Searches

YouTube will be introducing a fact-check box in search results for topics that are vulnerable to misinformation. The feature will eventually be available worldwide and is currently made avail to some users in India.

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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & WhatsApp face the longest outage till date

Social media giants- Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Twitter faced the longest outage on 13. March.2019. Facebook was not able to access in some parts of the world the next day and also faced some backup issues. 

India has experienced the issue for nearly 16 hours. People faced problem in logging on and uploading videos or images.

Twitter is testing a feature that will allow users to follow specific threads with a ‘subscribe to conversation’ button.

Social Messaging dominant, Twitter is testing a feature called ‘subscribe to conversion’ button rather than liking or replying to conversation thread.

Facebook adds ‘Gaming’ to its main navigation options

Social media giant, Facebook is rolling on new feature to its mobile app called ‘Gaming’ tab for users to play instantly through Facebook, and as well as watching gaming videos from streamers, join and connect with the gaming group. The company said that it is adding the feature to the side bar.