3 Amazing Tools to Find Out Relevant Hashtags for Your Business

find relevant hashtags

Hashtags play a very crucial role in increasing engagements of your posts, especially on Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag is the great way to find the conversations where our target audience hangs out.


Now that we know the importance of Hashtags let see how can you identify right hashtags for your business.

#1 Follow the influencers:

So, Let’s assume you are new to a particular market and you don’t know what the hashtags for that market might look like. So the first thing you can do is to find out the most popular influencer in your niche.

Also, there are tools like Twitonomy which can get an analysis of the hashtags you are using. Repeat this with other accounts to get a bigger starter list of hashtags.

#2 Use Starter Hashtags to Identify Related Hashtags

Another very good tool to find out right hashtags for your business is Hashtagify.me. This tool gives you a list of related keywords once you enter your starters hashtags. Along with popular hashtags, this tool also tells how popular.

At this stage, do not be too concerned about these two factors. As long as it the hashtag is logically related to your niche, include it in your latest hashtag list.

3. Gauge the Relevance of Your Hashtags

3rd Awesome tool is Rite Tag. This tool shows the related hashtags, along with color coding. The different colors represent the tweet density. Blue means ‘Poor’, Green means ‘Good’, and Red means ‘Overused’.

Another great feature about RiteTag is that it compares the hashtag to other hashtags, the tweets that the hashtags are used and the influencers who use that particular hashtag – very handy.


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