6 Simple Ways to Grow Massive Social Media Following

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Social media has completely changed the marketing game across the world. More than half of the world’s population is using social media. So there are very bright chances you may find the right audience for your business on the social media websites. Hence social media provides you a convenient platform to reach your customer without spending much on big billboard and TV commercials based on your social media following.

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Although Social media marketing is convenient and easy, it still needs the expertise of content writing and market understanding. It takes time and lots of efforts to grow your social media following. There are lots of shortcuts to rapidly increase social media following such as buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers but these techniques have more disadvantages than benefit.

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In this blog post, we will talk about more organic ways to grow your social media following. So let’s get started.

6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following

#1 Content Curation

Content curation is not just about putting stuff every day and aggregate it. It’s not about sharing for the sake of sharing. It’s about sharing the content which educates your audience and in most cases, uncovering content that your audience hadn’t come across before.

Content-Curation to grow social media followers

The content of your social media campaign should be precise. Use images, videos or infographics to convey your message. People tend to get attracted to visual medium more than written text.

#2 Run Targeted Contests

This something many big brands and companies are doing these days to engage with their followers and to attract new followers. Running contest relevant to your industries can not only increase your social media followers but also create buzz about your brand.


If you want to grow your following, you want to ensure that the followers you’re acquiring are relevant and potential customers. So make sure the prize you’re giving away is high quality and aligned with the interests of your audience.

#3 Automate Your Engagement

Artificial Intelligence is the future of Customers engagement.  A follower must not only be retained as active followers, they need to be converted to advocates. This can be achieved through targeted marketing campaigns and tactics, orchestrated to encourage customers to adopt more valuable services and take advantage of upgrades.

No organization is likely to have the manpower to support one-to-one customer relationships. That’s why the Automation is really important. One great example of automated engagement is direct messages on Twitter.

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#4 Email Retargeting

Rather than spending money targeting people who you have never connected with, you can use Facebook custom audience and target leads who have downloaded ebooks, courses or connected with you on LinkedIn. The CTR tends to be higher and CPC lower.

#5 Paid Advertising

There’s no question that paid media works best on Facebook. If you have the budget, invest in spending some cash on acquiring followers who have interests that line up with your page.


Keep a fixed budget for like and advertise with some interesting content like Polls and contests. This will not only increase your social media following also it will create engagement opportunities for you.

#6 Cross Marketing Promotions

Tell people on one channel that you’re also on another channel. Share it via your Facebook Page and even your Snapchat account.

You’ll be surprised by the number of people who follow you on one channel but not another. On Snapchat (and now Twitter) you can easily access your personal QR code which can be distributed on other networks.


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