5 Ways Facebook Messenger can Upgrade your Business Strategies


Facebook Messenger is not just a way to chat with friends or keep in touch with relatives. It has great potential to upgrade your business strategies. A survey showed that messaging is the second-most popular form of communication for customers when interacting with brands.

Do you know Facebook Messenger has 1.2 Billion, active monthly users? If you are not using Facebook Messenger for your business you will miss out reaching these people directly and I am sure you and your business cannot afford that. This is the right time to start exploring opportunities with Facebook Messenger for business before everyone else in your competition leave you behind.

Here are few more interesting facts that will inspire you to add Facebook Messenger to your business strategies.

Now that we are completely convinced why we need Facebook Messenger for business, now let’s see how to use Facebook Messenger to its full potential to upgrade your business strategies.

#1 Spreading Brand Awareness

One of the most critical and valuable social media strategies is customer engagement. Brands saw more value in one-to-one interactions and with features like Discover Facebook Messenger helps customers learn more about any business, start conversations or book an appointment.

To take it even further you can create Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Facebook Messenger Bots are certainly one of the most important features brands can use immediately to reduce tedious tasks.

#2 Customer Support

Most of the customer today do not have the patience of writing emails and calling your customer support. They need a quick fix to their problems that’s why Facebook has made it easier than ever for brands to engage with their customers through chatbots and chat extensions.

With the help of Facebook Messenger’s chatbot features like “Smart Replies” and “Auto Response”, you can give your customers the simplified social customer support they are looking for, without spending extra time and money on training countless new agents.

#3 Improve Your Communication

Facebook Messenger chatbots allow brands with a simple solution to centralize communication on your Facebook page. ChatBots can help you help with automated responses.

On phone support, you have very little knowledge about a customer, on the other hand, if you’re connecting through Facebook Messenger, it will just take a couple of clicks is all it takes to help you give your clients a more personalized service.

#4 Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence

We have already talked a lot about chatbots, but the social network has also stepped further into artificial intelligence solutions. In fact, Facebook has recently announced its own AI personal assistant called M which helps suggest certain conversations with Facebook Messenger like important birthdays.

This is the fundamental AI layer that Facebook has begun to bring to its business services. Though the AI brain is relatively limited in the kind of suggestions it can offer right now, it should eventually become a 100% AI-powered system.

#5 Advertise through Facebook Messenger

In July 2017 Facebook introduced image-based ads for messenger, which allow brands to send coupons, banner ads and more to their subscribed customers. It can create opportunities to create new revenue for your brand.

For Example, Uber, one of the early adopters of Facebook Messenger, created a direct channel for their customers to hail rides through the app.


In 2018, Facebook Messenger could be the new way to reach more audience and encourage extra sales. The best part is most of it is free so you do not have to rely on paid advertisements. Also, chatbots make the experience even more convenient. Facebook Messenger has a lot to offer growing companies. Not only can you use this system to generate more awareness, but you can deliver stronger customer experiences.


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