5 Ways To Share Links On Instagram For Business Promotions

5 ways to share links in instagram for business promotions

Business needs a teeming of workforce with decent crafting, techniques and lot more brainy work. Ample of ways are staged to make a business lucrative. Social media became an axis to companies of all sizes. Instagram and Facebook then used only for recreational purpose now widely used for making into a profitable Business.

Links on Instagram- The Yellow brick road for business

So, one of the plausible ways to do your business into brand and sales is through sharing links and albeit sounds pretty trivial thing, but a link in the profile pages can give you more scope to generate an audience.

And since Instagram is a cult with billions of users and of course adding links to the profile on Instagram gives your business a better fixture.

Let’s swipe up the 5 ways on how to share links on Instagram.

5 Ways To Share Links On Instagram For Business Promotions

1. Share #short Links in Instagram post captions

short links in Instagram

Instagram does not hold the feature of clickable links on the captions we post. So the best option to promote your business is through providing short links on the post captions, besides #hashtags, which is the another best source to gain followers.

Use Bitly for short links in the post captions where followers can click on the link you provide with the hashtags.

2. Provide #link to your Instagram Bio

bio links

Adding links to your Instagram Bio is one of the simple yet best ways to promote your website. People update their link regularly for better traction of the audience. But here’s a hiccup, what if a user clicks on a link on your bio with the desired content and finds a different link to it?

It is advisable to keep short links in stories and can save it permanently in highlights providing clickable links.

3. Include #swipe-up links to stories

swipe up in instagram

Swipe up links in Instagram became popular with the pages. This is one of the best ways to promote your website. Some famous brands also include live links to stories to intrigue followers by knowing more about it.

Cue: Swipe-ups are available for people with 10,000 and more followers.

4. #Pay to promote links in Instagram

pay to have links in instagram

Most of the business brands use pay method to promote their product links in stories and posts. It also provides a clickable link to view the promoted caption. All you need to do is to create unique and exciting products to ensure traffic.

5. Add links in #IGTV descriptions


Instagram and Facebook businesses are still plagued with video content and who does not love it when people are, in reality, likes to watch a few minutes video instead of reading some wordy captions.

Instagram’s IGTV is the most resourceful feature to share links in the description section to promote business. To see the clickable links in the users should tap on the arrow icon on the post title.

These are some of the tactics to share about. What do you think is the best way to use links on Instagram for business promotions?

We love hearing from people. Do share your thoughts by dropping some in the comments section.


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