7 Mistakes For A Business To Avoid On Social Media

Social Media

Internet is booming at the moment, with every business trying to set their strong foothold in this online game. In 2019, the total number of user on the internet are 4.388 billion, which is growing at a rate of 9% every year. And the total number of Social media users is 3.848 billion which is also increasing at a rate of 9% every year.

When it comes to business, social media has transformed the marketing niche by being ever-changing channel. But there are some mistakes that business can make that can ruin their online marketing strategy. At this time over 90% of the adults who are less than 40, are likely to be following business through their social media platform. This can be positive as the reach of these social media platform is pretty high but this also has a negative side where if you made any mistake, things can go dark real fast.

The most common mistakes can be when you are not using it to find the potential audience, not responding or getting a response from the users/followers and much more. A concept that needs to be followed if you are a business and looking to grow on social media, called conversational marketing. Derek Sivers quote, “Care about costumers more than you care about yourself and you’ll do well”, is on point.

Engaging with your customers or users is necessary, just look at Netflix, they know their game

Let’s look at 7 common mistakes that you should avoid making on social media if you are a business:

#1 Being On Every Social Platform

While having your presence on every platform is nice, it can also hinder your efficiency. There are so many social media platforms these days like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, being able to use all these are great but if you cant post properly and not getting the response you expect, it’s better to focus on some of them at a time.

#2 Not Recognising The Right Audience

Nothings worse than focusing on an audience that’s not right for your business, imagine you are selling toys and targeting teenagers, doesn’t make much sense right, even for the growth of your business. Keep in mind that not all customers are exactly the same when it comes to interest and following the statistics is also never a good idea. Sure more than 50% of the users on Facebook and Instagram are between the age of 18 to 40 but that should never restrict you from planning your marketing strategy the way you want to.

#3 Not Having A Clear Strategy

Who doesn’t like to be liked? Sure it’s a good thing to make people happy and entertained by posting cool things on your social media, but if these posts are not making any positive effect on your business than you’ve essentially wasted precious time that could’ve been used to make a post that would actually benefit your business. Organise your points and come up with a strategy to post content that will actually reflect your business the best way it can. An example would be when the iPhone 11 Pro was released, a lot of brands made posts using the triple camera setup, but only a few stood out, like this:

#4 Frequency of Your Posts

Ever saw a brand who posts just a few times and gets the best response, while another brand who posts every 50 minutes and not even half of their followers respond to the post. There is a very thin line between posting too much and not posting enough, unfortunately, it’s different for everyone, there are no specific instructions or numbers that we could offer you for optimal posts. You’ll have to find it out by yourself or will have to do a lot of research.

#5 Having One-Sided Relationship

One of the best benefits of using social media is that you can have quick interactions with your customers or followers, that gives you the opportunity to build strong relationships with your audience & it’ll also show that you are pretty active on these social platforms. But if you have been using these platform just to make timely posts and never check the responses again than you are definitely missing out on a lot of things.

#6 Don’t Live In Your Social Bubble

Being on social media literally means being active with others on the platform, but if you are not interacting with other business, you could lose some potential customers. Interact with other brands by sharing their posts or replying to their posts. Be sure to not leave any opportunity to grab audience attraction whenever possible, but in a positive way.

#7 Information Is The Oil

If you think that you are following all the norms properly and doing everything from your end, but never focus on stats or demographics, Think again! Keeping up to date with analytics is absolutely necessary when it comes to running an online business. There are so many things that you could learn from these stats. You can have detailed information about every click, conversion, every sale made and much more through analytics.


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