7 Free Tools You Should Use To Write Better Content

Content Writing

If you haven’t heard by now that “Content is King”, you might be living under a digital rock. Content plays an important role in all sort of things related to the digital world, be it a website, articles, creatives and so on. When it comes to content, it has to be unique and awesome if you want it to get noticed.

But how can you do that? How can you create “Best Content”? Well, the first thing you need to understand is to create content that values your audience the most. If you can’t indulge the audience in your content then you are probably lacking in the quality of your content.

Another thing you might have heard people say “It’s just content! How hard can it be?” Like writing doesn’t require any skills. But the harsh truth is, not everyone can write content. It’s as simple as that. If they could we wouldn’t need to compete when it comes to things like who has the better creative, or better postline.

There are a lot of general things you need to consider while writing like word count or checking every phrase, doing adequate research and much more that can be a hassle if you don’t have the right tools.

But worry not, here are 7 online tools that you can use online to write the best content you require:

#1 Hemingway Editor

The content that’s easy to read is easy to understand for every type of audience you have. If you can write content that’s engaging and people don’t have to strain their brain over, you’ll always stand out of others. Easy to read content also helps the audience to stay on the page for longer and keep reading your content.

This is what you’ll get from Hemingway editor, easy-to-read content. And what’s better than a tool like this that’s also free to use. This tool will check your content and give you suggestions to improve wherever required. If you have some complex sentences in your content, this tool can give you suggestions that you can use in place of that.

#2 WordCounter

Every content writer knows the importance of word count in their content. And as the name suggests WordCounter primarily gives you that. Just add in your content in the tool and it’ll give you the total number of words you have or the total number of characters you have in your article. 

Not just that, it gives you the total number of paragraphs and sentences you have in there, it’ll also tell you the reading time, level and speaking time for the content. These things can help you a lot when you want to make your content really easy to read for the audience. Since each kind of audience can be different.

#3 One Look Reverse Dictionary

This tool lets you describe a concept and in turn, provides you with words and phrases related to that concept. You don’t need to write a full sentence if you can’t or don’t want to. The concept can be of a single word or few words. Just hit enter once you have entered the words you need results for and it’ll be done.

This tool is great when you can’t think of a proper sentence or need a different word with similar meaning for that concept. It can also count the words in a post and will give you how many times a word has been repeated. You can also search for a word by writing its definition, and the tool will give you the words that closely matches the results.

#4 Cliche Finder

Every content writer loves to include some cliche in their content, every now and then. But if you use a lot of cliches in your content, it reduces the content’s quality a lot. You can find out how many cliches you have in your content and drag them out with the help of Cliche Finder. And guess what, it’s not rocket science when it comes to using the tool, just add your content in the “text field” and click on submit.

#5 Stayfocused

There are times when you need to do something important but you got bored or distracted, now you have been checking a post on Facebook or Instagram. Without even realising, you have spent two-three hours doing the same, only then you realised that your important work is still pending. This is where Stayfocused shines, its a chrome extension that helps you stay focused on the important stuff rather than surfing social media platform for hours.

With the help of this tool, you can block all these time-wasting websites and stay focused on the main things you need to be done. Once you have blocked site, it’ll be inaccessible for that day. Not just that, you can block the complete site or just a particular URL of that website or an individual page, images or videos as well.

#6 Draft

If you think you need more help than just tools, then use Draft. It’s an online tool that allows you to create content with the help of other content writers online. It’s an amazing alternative to a famous google drive that’s specifically built for content. But don’t worry, it’ll allow you to accept or changes from other writers on the content you submitted. You can also compare the content side by side with the changes and decide which one you need to keep.

#7 Wattpad

This is a completely different tool from all the tools available for content writers. This is a sort of community of writers that allow them to read and give any changes to an article they think could be better. A lot of fiction writers use this platform when they need to check how their story develops and get quality feedback from other writers. This is exactly we have added this tool to the list. You can use this to improve your content a lot with the help of other writers and their feedback. It sure won’t happen in one day but with time it will get better.


Content writing isn’t an easy job, but with these tools, you have an option to improve it a lot. All these tools will result in one thing, that’s Superior Content.


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