[A Complete Guide] How to make QR code and Use it for your Business

QR code

QR  codes, the present new trend, which gives the entire required information for the consumers by just one scan, from the smartphones without any need of chunky code reader. The QR code is an acronym for Quick Response codes. Earlier barcodes were popular in the past, even now these codes are in use, but not more than the QR code. The barcode is a label which is machine-readable and contains information about the product. The QR code was first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. Due to its faster readability and greater storage capability than the barcodes, it was started using in all the industries. Now the QR codes are used in commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications. The appearance of the QR codes is in the square shape, black and white color in which the information is encrypted in the little figures that are in little squares and rectangles. Each QR code has the similar figure but, the information encrypted in the inner part of the square is differentiated through different patterns.


In the current tech generation, smartphones are pretty common. That’s the idea behind the invention of the QR codes. These codes are made available on every one of their products packaging, on the billboards, even on the commercials in the TV or in social media, everywhere. The only thing what to do is scan the  QR code using your smartphone with a QR code scanner app and there you go, you get the information of that particular product on the screen. For scanning the QR codes, the smartphones are widely used. And that information is more passive and intangible than the barcodes. The QR codes have now become of the most used types of two-dimensional codes.

        In consumer advertising, the QR codes are being used widely because it provides an easy way to access the brand’s website rather than typing the URL. The QR code has now become one of the advertising strategies, as it provides the contacting information, opens their web page in just one scan. Every other company has its own QR code, not only bigger companies but also the small-scale businesses are generating their very own QR codes for the many applications the QR codes are known for. There is also the possibility for payments through the QR codes.

If you too want to generate one for your business, keep on reading for the entire procedure on how to create the QR code.

You can make your QR code more easily and conveniently through Online, there are many QR code generating software available online from where you can make one. But always choose a trusted software.

So, Let’s jump on the step by step procedure of creating QR Code.

Step1: Choose a software

From the software present, choose anyone that is more popular, works well and the features they provide, the main feature to consider is the ability of tracking and analyzing & has many templates that can give you a unique QR code.   

Few of the software that is popular are:

  • The-qrcode-generartor.com
  • Qr-code-generator.com
  • QR Stuff
  • GOQR.me
  • QR Code monkey
  • QR code by Google app engine

After choosing any one of the software, here I have chosen the software “QR CODE MONKEY”.

The QR CODE MONKEY provides you many templates including classic, easy, facebook, twitter, youtube, dot, bitcoin etc. it is a free QR code generator from where you can generate QR codes for free with many of the available options in here. The generated codes can be used for commercial and print purposes. The QR codes which you create through this software can be used forever, they don’t have any expiry.

Step2: Choose the content

Every software you use has any content type. The QR code monkey has content types as URL, Email, Text, phone, SMS, Vcard and many more. Choose something you want your Qr code content to be in from the available options. Fill all the fields of the options given, this provides the information which you have entered once scanning of the QR code is done. Be careful, when giving the information because once the code is printed you cannot change it again.

Step3: Customize

Customize the way you like, you can set the color you like, add the logo image from the given options or you can also upload an image of your wish.next is the customizing the design, you can customize the body shape, eye frame shape, eyeball shape. There are about 15-20 designs from which you can select.

Step 4: Generate code

The next step generates the QR code which you have customized to your likings. Set the pixel resolution of your generated code with the slider. Click the “create Qr code” button. You can also see the preview of the generated code and check where it is working or not through the QR code scanner. If it is working, use a high-quality setting to get a png code with printing quality.

Step5: Download

The last step is download. You can download the image file as .png or .pdf,.eps vector graphics. Here, the logo and design settings work for .png and .svg files only. For a vector format with complete design choose .svg.

After you download the Qr code, before setting up a campaign make sure you test it, check whether it is giving the information you need your consumers to know. Once you are sure that everything is fine with your Qr code, set up your campaign.

Not only, creating a QR code and setting a campaign makes your business grow, there are few things to keep in mind.

  • Generate a code that is different from others, let your code contains some special function that others do not have.
  • Match your Qr code with your brand. This is very much important to remember.

Print the QR code in higher quality.

  • Make your QR code available everywhere that makes people scan and when you provide in the commercials, give some time for the consumers to scan.
  • Awake the interest in the people to scan your QR code, why will they scan the code simply like that, right? So, offer them few deals and discounts, to bring some interest among them.

These QR codes are very much useful, especially in the marketing field. What provides the entire information starting from the product to the history of it just through the fingertips? If you make use of the Qr codes in a better way, it could really be helpful to improve your business.


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