Tips To Increase The Number Of Reviews For Your Mobile Apps


In the current scenario, we are driven by consumer-oriented platforms. It may be regarding IOS android or windows. Until and unless you create an impression on the target audience you cannot hope to achieve the desired result. So to survive in today’s digital world, you should be better than your competition.

Now the question arises in digital platform how can you compare between applications? There is n number of apps available on the web in the various platforms doing the same job. How to choose the best one among them? Why should we waste time in other application which is not up to the mark?

Surprisingly there is one similar answer to all of the questions as mentioned above. The primary parameter to understand the best among all of them is the reviews and ratings of the applications. People buy nothing without comparison. By review and ratings, people download an application today. Reviews and feedback plays a crucial role in driving the popularity of the applications. A decent number of positive review and ratings can give a boost to your traffic and increase the number of downloads. Negative feedback does the opposite of it.

Now the question arises how to improve the number of reviews? As per the statistical analysis of approximately 8 million app reviews to identify the general distribution of review size, the rate of growth for reviews, and analyze the change of both rating and review size over time using the Gini coefficient. It has been found that:

  1. Most of the reviews are short, and the majority of apps receive well under 50 reviews in their first year,
  2. Apps receive a higher number of short reviews in comparison to long reviews as they age,
  3. Around half of the apps decrease in user-perceived quality over time, as reflected by the star ratings, and
  4. The rate of review growth and profile reviews changes significantly between various apps as well as categories. Developers can use the data presented in this work to benchmark their app.

What do we need to increase the numbers? Here I am going to list down a few ways that should be kept in mind:

  • Use of turn-key plugins for review: Plugins acts as a reminder to the user for the review of the particular application. Many popular plugins are used these days such as androapp, appirater, etc. You should take care of the review pop up appearance for the user from time to time. It should not appear too early.
  • Incentivized reviews: As the name suggest people will take more interest if you give an incentive in terms of reward points for some popular games. As we all love free kinds of stuff, a free credit can increase the ratio of the number of reviews.
  • Direct Support to your users: If you respond to the feedback or any negative criticism and solve the problem faced by your users. Your assured commitment can create a vital role. It will give them hope, and as soon as you solve the bug ore the problem, you can appeal for a positive review and a better rating. This will not only simplify the process it will also help in bridging the time between response and review.
  • Send prompt to users: A well-set timing for the user to receive prompt as a reminder for review can come in handy. A better way to ask for the review is to wait until the user has accomplished something within your app or finished with his/her intended task. Just wait for the right time. Use the dialog for user to do list in the app. For example, if it is in a game, you can add review and ratings as a quest for the user.
  • Running a contest: It is one of the great ways to run a contest on various available forums. You can add giveaways to encourage members to review your application. This can help you to gain a massive number of reviews and drive the traffic to you.
  • Run a blogger or vlogger: If your application is based on tech, fun, or learning you can influence the world through the content of it. You can even use live streams to appeal to your traffic for reviews. This can give you a jump start in your mission.

I hope this piece of information can come in handy for you. Tell me what the other techniques that you can think of are? Please like and subscribe for more upcoming updates.


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