Simple Ways to find out Contact Information of Founders and CEOs of Companies


You recently began your start-up journey or maybe launched a particular product and clueless about how to ensure your product has reached out to the norm. You might want to collaborate with other start-ups or CEOs of famous/popular brands and so on. You will need to contact them in order to do so, but you do not have the right contact information. Finding valid contact details such as e-mails could get very difficult and be a lengthy process.


Of course, with every single person using social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter these days, you might find it easy to promote your product on these platforms. On the contrary, there might raise a doubt in your mind that makes you wonder if the people you want to notice your brand would do so or not. Since CEOs and Managers do not have much time to spare, it will be necessary for you to reach out to them through e-mails. Now, this is the part where it might get a bit complex. It is not easy to get the contacts or e-mails. However, with the right knowledge and right tools, you can easily gain all the required information. Also, these tools do their work most of the times. Therefore, you can get in touch with them and promote your brand. I hope to help you understand how to use these tools, find emails, and contact start-ups.

There are two ways in which you can search for email and contact information, one being manual and, the other being automated.

Let’s first look at the manual methods we have

#1 Official Website of your Lead 

As we all know, most companies, well, these days, every single company has got an official website where they have all the information about who they are and what they do. Similarly, most companies have a specific column that is most popularly known as “About Us” where you can learn about the important people of that particular company. If it is schools or colleges, you will easily be able to gather their information right from this page. However, if you target companies are big, it might be not as easy. Most companies do offer the basic information, such as e-mail, company telephone, and fax details. Therefore, this is one basic way of getting contacts.

#2 LinkedIn 

There is probably no company that does not exist on LinkedIn, therefore, you are already halfway successful in finding your guy. Search for the company you want to target, and you will get all the people associated with that particular company. In the same way, you will also be able to find people in higher positions in the hierarchy, i.e., CEO/ Founder, Co-Founder, etc. Get their e-mails and contact them.
Here are a few prompts you that could help you search better and get quicker results.
• Company Name and Founder
• Company Name and Co-Founder
• Company Name and CMO
• Company Name and Sales Manager
• Company Name and Marketing Manager

#3 Google 

Yes, you read that right. Is there anything that Google cannot find? Nope, nothing at all. So why not try your luck here? There are few simple search tricks you could type in and get accurate results.
Few Google queries you could type in are:
[Name] + Contact
[Name] + Other Contact Information
Perform advanced search with these prompts: + [name] + contact + [name] + other known details

[Name] + “hometown”
[Name] + “where they work”

Well, there are some of the easy manual methods you can try using to find contact details of the companies.

Since you will have to work all the way through for finding details manually, it may sometimes get tedious and, you may not be able to get any information apart from what you already. On the other hand, there are websites or applications made specifically that extracts all the information or details you require within a matter of few minutes. And, the best part is you probably will have to enter just one detail and, the websites will give you the rest. Now, let us look at the automated ways of finding contact information if startup founders and CEOs.

#1 Email Finder

This is a Google Chrome extension and, you will easily be able to find it on its Web Store.
Just enter a name and, Email Finder will do the rest for you.

#2 Anymail Finder

This is apparently the no. 1 automated search engine for finding e-mail addresses. Enter Name of the employee and the Company Name and click on the Get Email icon.

#3 Hunter 

Same as the above, enter the person’s and the company’s name. The website also lets you browse through other employee’s details with the same company name that you have entered.

#4 Aero Leads

Install the Plug-in and generate B2B prospects and leads. Search for your required prospects on LinkedIn, AngelLists or other relevant websites, and enter the details you find in the AeroLeads search engine. You will be shown the major details such as company name, location, job title, etc.

#5 LeadIQ 

This is also one of the best lead generators through which you can find out your prospects’ contact information.


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