A complete guide on how to create a perfect Landing page?


Do you know the formula for the successful business?  

The answer would be the perfection in the market, Landing pages, and the ads. You need to take extra effort regarding these terms. Of all these the Landing pages are the ones which need more concentration.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are the website pages that target the lead points of that particular company that tries to capture the vision of the audiences. The good Landing pages can actually help in increasing the traffic of your website. It’s usually can say like the homepage for the offers of the company’s website when the visitors click the ad you have given. That’s similar to the ad campaigns you run on your various social media platform. It is on that page that, when the visitor searches for your website, he would be directly driven to this page firstly. In the Landing pages, if you want to give any offer or anything such kind for promoting, you will be providing the links and the information of the offer or any discounts of your product in this Landing page.

If the visitor actually likes the concept of your company’s offer and are attracted that begins to be the source of landing them to your main page by making them subscribe to your website by simply giving their Email address. So, obviously, you need to create a Landing page that covers all about your company in a single page and that to good to see and give. Once they provide their Email address, you will be adding them to your Email list and start sending them more about your product, or the brand anything like that. That means advertising online. If you don’t show much interest in creating a good Landing page, you would never get the audience ’s observation towards your company, eventually, you can’t get their email addresses and then no source of advertising and promoting of your business. So, all in all, the main factor is to create a capturing Landing page and develop your visitors trust you.

But, How would your Landing page come in the search engine when the visitor searches?

The answer is simple, the keywords. Firstly know what keywords are being searched more and give them. For this, you obviously should have knowledge of SEO, paid search. Use google trends to know. The visitors can also end up in your Landing pages through the links you provided in your social media, your blogs or through paid advertisements.

How to create a perfect Landing page?

You can create your Landing pages using HTML, WORDPRESS. But they are a bit time to consume. There are other different software platforms available like MailChimp, Unbounce, Landing, Leadpages, Clickfunnel, Pagewiz, Lander and many more to save your time and effort. These platforms also automatically send that particular data to your CRM or email campaign.

Below is the complete guide on how to create one,

Whenever you are starting to create a Landing page, the important things to remember are,


  • In the header section, you need to concentrate on putting your website logo, call to action button.
  • The Logo is important to help the visitor to recognize your company.
  • The Call to action button helps for contacting you for knowing more information or reach for your response.
  • You can even add your company’s motto in the form of the quote etc, to gain some observation of your audience.

The main section

  • The middle part is where you add your offers or any advertisements regarding your company. Add few pictures to make it look better and interesting.  Use the same backgrounds, formats, colors, and fonts as your main website


  • In the footer section,  give your sponsor lists or brands you promote if any.
  • Here too, you can give the call to action button if you wish.
  • Write down your company’s email address,  link all your social accounts.

If you are using any of the software as mentioned above, the procedure is very simple.

How to customize our own Landing page using Landing Page Softwares

The steps you need to follow are,

  • Choose any of the software that you are comfortable with.
  • Once you choose, sign in to it sign your email id.
  • After you sign in, either go for free trial or paid version as you wish. The features may vary according to the version you opt for.
  • Click start customizing your Landing page and after this, you can even invite your coworkers by giving your team members Email addresses.
  • In this platform, you can also use any integrations if you want to. This particular software has almost every SaaS tool integration. The benefit of this is, it fits for any business or marketing goal. Select any form in which you want your Landing page to be in, like Newsletter signup, Ebook download, Coupon download, Company presentation etc.
  • Select the template from the given template designs and the icons to customize your Landing page and start editing by giving the title and everything needed like images, texts and more.

Few of the above software has drag and drop option that is easy to use and saves you a lot of time and effort.

  • In settings icon, you can edit your SEO details and link them directly to your social accounts. That helps in sharing the ad campaign information in your account dashboards.

This software is great for beginners and has a very easy and simple way to learn and create your Landing page.

After creating your Landing page and start your campaigning.  Make sure to add all your links to your Landing page.





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