A Complete Guide to start a WordPress Blog


A blog is a website where people share thoughts, ideas or write articles about different topics like Automobile, Technology, Healthcare, Inspirational Stories, Latest news, Education and many more are there. In today’s world, people can easily make a blog in just 15-20 minutes but I would suggest that take your time in researching for the good platform where you can make a website or a blog. A blog is also the source of online marketing where we can promote our company and their products & services by using affiliate marketing. There are many famous blogs like TechCrunch, Boing Boing, Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, Your Story, ShoutMeLoud etc. that are maintaining their position for many years. Many bloggers promote famous brands like Puma, Adidas, Audi, BMW etc. on their website through affiliate marketing.


Bloggers make money from their website with the help of Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Selling Sponsored Blog Posts and others. We can sell the spaces of our website to the advertisers to display their company’s ads. Nowadays bloggers are also creating their own merchandise on which they sell their own designed stuff like Handicrafts, Clothing, and Watches. Nowadays it is easy to make a blog or website because you don’t need any technical skills to make a blog; there are so many online platforms like WordPress helps you to create a website. You can create a website or blog on any topic like you can create an e-commerce website, education portal, blog, online e-news and many more. For those who love to write articles on different topics must go for blogging. After that, they can go in the profession of Technical Writers, News Writers, and Script Writers. But people are confused about creating a blog because they don’t know about the right blogging platform where they don’t need to learn any programming language. There are many platforms like Tumblr, Wix, WordPress, Blogger but it is hard for people to choose one from them.

Now we’ll go step by step to create a website or blog.

Choosing right platform

There are so many platforms available for making a blog like Tumblr, Wix, Blogger, Medium, WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, Ghost, Weebly and many more are there. From this WordPress is the better platform for making a blog or website because WordPress is a free platform. You can easily make your blog without giving any money. WordPress provides millions of theme for your website which are available in both paid and free package. Wordpress is a user-friendly platform where we don’t need to code; we only have to customize our blog. Wordpress provides you with more than 5000 free themes and over 45000 free plugins. If you want more themes and plugins then you have to pay some amount.

Choosing a Domain name

The domain name looks like “www.google.com”. Before making any website we should first buy a domain name from the different websites that is offering domains at low cost. If we use a free website like “www.story.wordpress.com” then it will not look like a professional website because it is a free website then you will be not having any control on your site i.e if you break any rules of the website then your website may be closed by the WordPress. In free websites, we have a little space of 3 GB and that is not enough for us because everyone uses images, videos, screenshots etc. in the posts to get more traffic and ranking. So it is must to have a domain name. We can purchase a domain name from different platforms like Godaddy is the best among all the platforms. Things to remember before buying any domain name.

  • The domain name should be unique and concise. Top websites have only 6 characters in their domains.
  • The domain name should be easy and pronounceable.

Web Hosting and Installing WordPress

It is must to have the right web hosting service. WordPress has its own web hosting service. But we can get our web hosting from any website like Bluehost, iPage, A2Hosting, HostGator etc. are the paid web hosting websites. But if go for the free web hosting sites like WordPress then we don’t need to take tension about the web hosting. Web hosting is the service that keeps your blog’s data like files, images, videos, articles, and others. Our website will only be displayed to everyone if we bought web hosting for our blog. When choosing a website for web hosting it is important to choose the right platform and look for the website that are providing good services at cheap price. If you don’t want to go in-depth of connecting a domain with a web hosting service then you can go for “Godaddy” but if you want better service at a cheap price then you should go for the “Bluehost”. Now let’s look at the steps by which we can buy web hosting services.

  • First, you need to go on the website of Bluehost i.e www.Bluehost.com and click on the get started.

  • Now choose one hosting plan from the three plans i.e Basic plan costs you $2.95/month, Plus plan costs you $5.45/month and the prime plan costs you around $5.45/month.

  • Choose the domain name for your website if haven’t buy yet.

Fill all the details in the registration form including your payment details and then submit.

Installing WordPress

After the registration part, we will install WordPress.

  • First login to your Bluehost control panel account.
  • After that, a control panel will open, click on Install WordPress.
  • After installing the WordPress, a new page will be open where you have to enter the URL of your domain and then click on the check domain, and all the process will be done.

Your Website is Ready

Now you can log in into your blog by entering this URL in the address bar “www.yoursite.com/wp-admin” then you have to enter the username and password in the login details and then click on the login button. Now your blog will open. You can now customize your blog by adding the description of your website, title of your website with a creative slogan. During customization, you can choose a theme for your blog according to your site’s topic. Your blog theme must be responsive and fast in nature. You can manage the analytics of your website by using WordPress’s analytics plugin. You can manage the comment section from the customization panel. Now you write posts or articles on your blog by clicking on the Posts menu in the customization panel. You can write SEO-friendly content by using Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin.



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