Top 10 Best Advertising Photographers in India


Looking for Best Advertising Photographers in India? You might be confused because in 2017 everyone creates a facebook page calling themselves professional photographers. One of the strong reason why list top 10 best photographers for advertisement.

In the recent times, advertising photography has reached great heights, with all the modern styles and techniques. Needless to say, the success of a particular ad campaign depends largely on advertising photographers. The ideal advertising photographer has the necessary knowledge of using the right techniques and equipment of photography that are best suited for advertising.  The best advertising photographer knows how to best convey the targeted advertising message to the audience.

 top 10 Best advertising photographers in India 

#1 Karthik Srinivasan


Karthik Srinivasan, from South India, is one of the most talked about advertising photographers of today. As a young boy, he was inspired by the natural beauty of  Kerala and that is when he stepped into the world of photography. He has come a long way, ever since, even without any proper guidance.

He has clicked photographs for some of the famous brands such as Royal Challenge, weekender, Van Heusen, Levis etc.  He has also photographed for the leading advertising agencies of our country like Ogilvy, Mudra, JWT etc. Today, he speaks at various seminars, inspiring young talents to pursue photography as their profession.

#2 Sandesh Jayakar

list of indian photographers for advertisements

Sandesh Jayakar is an award-winning photographer, based in Mumbai. He has several prestigious clients up his sleeves, like Lee Cooper shoes, Idee eyewear, Giordani Watches, Metro shoes, to name a few. His signature photographs reflect a combination of emotions, elegance, drama and beauty.

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#3 Ritam Banerjee

List of indian photographers in india Ritam Banerjee

Ritam Banerjee is a very talented photographer based in Mumbai. He is associated with Getty Images and has served clients from different corners of the world. Apart from still photographs, he also shoots commercial videos. He has photographed for advertising products from varying industries. Some of his clients are Guess, ICICI, Elizabeth Arden, Royal Enfield, Cosmopolitan, PETA, Rotary International, among several others.

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#4 Mikhil Saluja

list of photograhers in india Mikhil Saluja

Mikhil Saluja is a professional advertising photographer, who has mastered the art of photography from Italy. Each of his photographs is a visual delight that reflects his passion for his line of work. He has worked for brands like Marie Claire, Da Milano, Kingdom of Dreams, The Man and many more!

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#5 Sharad Haksar

indian advertisement photographers in india

Sharad Haskar started learning the art of photography at the age of 18. Later, he went to the USA to master his skills at an international workshop, where he got the chance to learn different techniques of photography from the leading lensmen of the world. He won several awards and gold medals for his outstanding work.

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#6 Munish Khanna

indian photographers Munish Khanna

Munish Khanna is a leading Delhi Fashion and advertising photographer. He is actively involved in teaching photography to different people, from all over the world. His photographs are featured in the top magazines, books, and websites, both national as well as international. He has photographed for some of the leading brands of India, namely, Maruti, VLCC, New Delhi Airport etc.

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#7 Vikas Dutt

indian photographers for advertisementVikas Dutt

Vikas dutt comes from one of the oldest cities of India, Varanasi. He is very passionate about photography and draws inspiration from life for photography. He has photographed Swiss Eagle products, Vespa Products as well as for the tourism industry, such as Srilanka tourism, Bali tourism etc.

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#8 Sushmendra Dubey

dubs fashion advertising photography

Popularly known as Dubs, Mr. Dubey is a skilled advertising photographer, who has been associated with Saatchi & Saatchi and Lintas and has photographed products for several multinational brands.

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#9 Amit Dey

Amit Dey Porfolio

Amit Dey is a very versatile photographer, who has made a mark in the advertising industry. He loves to experiment with different styles and techniques, instead of sticking to just one genre. He has shot for advertising agencies like Dentsu, Ogilvy, JWT, Mc Cann Erickson and boasts of an esteemed client base such as Coca-Cola, Reebok, Nescafe, Monte Carlo etc.

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#10 Saurabh Dua

Advertisement photography in india Saurabh Dua

Saurabh Dua is a spontaneous advertising photographer, who shuttles between New Delhi and Mumbai. He has prominent clients from India as well as abroad. He has received both, national and international awards for his remarkable work. He has been closely associated with ad agencies like LOWE, Mudra, Happy Creatives, CHEIL.

Today, there are several budding photographers, who click for advertising of products. India has had several skilled photographers in the past and will continue to have several more in this evolving era of digital advertising photography.

Hope the list of best photographers for advertisement photography will help you in finding the best photographer for your business. If you know someone who can be on the list contact us through contact us page.


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