[App Review] Awesummly: Fastest Short News App


Awesummly app is India’s Artificial Intelligence powered relevant content discovery and shortening app. Simply one can say it as a Shortpedia of news, or short news app that is an ad-free platform enables people to read, listen, discover, subscribe and share news instantly across Hindi, English and substantial vernacular languages.

All started at U-block

Nitin Mishra, Ankit Dhawan, and Deepak Mishra were the founders of Awesummly startup app incepted in August 2015 at Thane, Maharashtra.

The power had gone off for hours one night in U-block Gurgaon where Deepak came out and found Nitin sitting outside the building. They led to a discussion on subjects like Natural Language Processing (NLP), search and social networking. That’s when the idea flashed them to start the ‘Awesummly’ app. Deepak met Ankit in Mumbai where he joined his sixth company Housing. Before introducing each other, these guys had their hands on different startups which are not so successful and failed due to bleak circumstances.

The trio finally shoots on the idea of short content news platform when they check out what happened to the missing Malaysian Airline flight MH370 eventually realized none of them read newspapers. The trio soon came up with the idea of ‘Awesummly’ over drinks in a pub in Gurgaon.

Awesummly with no content team

Awesummly is probably the only Indian app with no content team to generate news. It aims to capture the Indian diaspora with machine triggered news summaries across 8 Indian languages. Unlike other summarisation apps, it is a blend of news aggregation and summarisation app without human intervention.

The application positioned itself as ‘Facebook for short news’ with its engine curated news kept track of social activities worldwide in different international languages and the collected the data into customized short content of about five lines.

‘Awesummly’ works of the application

With the leverage of machine intelligence the app aggregates and auto-summarises news from multiple sources within and outside India. The startup re-launched the application with a better user interface and better functioning of the engine.

Awesummly according to Nitin is not merely NEWS. The team visions to build summaries as an essential requirement for every listing, whether it is news, book and place listing, product listing of e-commerce websites or Google search listing.

Nitin outlooks the news app provided by competitors as inadequate because they create summaries manually. In the smartphone period, everyone surfs online and if any lengthy matter without a thought we skip reading it. Due to lack of proper adequacy and tiring information we miss the important news to read. So the trio ideated and launched the short news app to make it worth reading and not to miss what’s happening around the world.


Awesummly is an ad-free app and iterates that the company focus is on growth and not monetization. The app lets users like news stories and bookmark them to read later.
The other features include:

  • Users can switch on/off push notifications for the app.
  • Users also are facilitated with a switch off images when they have a poor network connection to continue reading
  • Users can preload the news or any categories in the app and read offline.


Awesummly is planning to monetize the platform through native ads and sponsored content.

We generally come across the newspapers and short content news like Inshorts, Daily Hunt, Way2news and other applications generated human-driven content, but whereas Awesummly believes in machine driven content to score faster and improves over time.
Apart from short news, the team goals to summarise legal and financial documents in the near future to cut down the reading time and overviews of different topics to assist people in drawing attention to their app and choose areas of their interest in its platform.


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