BuzzSumo Review : How to use BuzzSumo to find the right audience for you.


For any e-marketer, the most important question is “Where do I find my customers?”

Now there are many online tools that show “ What the prospective customers are doing? and what are they viewing?” For a web marketer, it’s necessary to deploy the understanding of content, ranked according to the volume of content generated and shared.

There are a lot of choices in analyzing the information gathered through social sharing sites about contents which are getting shared on various social sharing sites, their distribution across the various site, their rankings to guide one’s content creation and its intended influence.

BuzzSumo is one among many such platforms, like EpicBeat, Feedly, SproutSocial, Ahrefs, Oktopost etc which offer insights into the content shared across social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms helps you collect the data about publication, backlinks, influencers and the research behind those contents based on keyword searches. So these tools are helpful in determining content that resonates with our audience.


Here is a full review of Buzzsumo and it’s features that help you to create content which resonates with your audience.

Generate Content ideas for your posts:

With Buzzsumo, you can generate ideas for your next posts. With the ‘Most shared Content‘ section of Buzzsumo platform, you can get a peek into the type of content and headlines that engage your readers. It shows you engagements at Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest for various posts and you can learn about the particular keywords that are common in most of the posts.

BuzzSumo’s content analysis charts show you both the number of articles being published and the total number of shares over time.

With this information, you can change the headlines you are working on, you can insert the popular topic in your content, create an opposing viewpoint to the popular content and you can look for the missing information in the popular contents among others.

Keeping Pace with the latest content strategies :

BuzzSumo reviewed 100 million articles published in 2017 and found that social sharing has halved since 2015. Other studies have also found a reduction in referrals from Facebook as they keep changing algorithms for their news feeds. Facebook has decided to encourage meaningful discussion creating contents over brands and publishers.

Buzzsumo definitely helps here as it can show you the data under Most shared contents and Content analysis charts for up to 5 years which you can narrow down to a specific time period to examine the trends both in the contents and their sharing at various platforms thus forming an idea as to what worked yesterday and what is working today.

Finding influencers in your industry:

According to a study, 75% of marketers consider finding the right influencers a crucial aspect of their outreach strategy. With BuzzSumo’s Influencers tab, you can use keywords and find out Twitter handles of accounts sharing similar keyword-related content. Filters allow classifying influencers based on his /her connections and level of engagement.

Analysis of the competition:

A sound content marketing strategy includes their publishing strategy and its effectiveness on networks where they are dominant, their most successful content types, their top content (measured by both engagements and links), your content performance head-to-head with the competitors.

By using ‘Content Analysis’ you can analyze the top content and headlines by your competitors by searching with multiple competitor domains such as or You can see the pieces of good performing content of your competitor over a given time content by going Most Shared section in BuzzSumo and enter your competitor’s domain.

The backlinks and social engagements increase and amplify the content. If your competitor’s content is gaining attraction, it is useful to see who is helping to amplify it. We can check who is helping the competitor in amplifying their content by checking at ‘Influencer Content Search’ By reviewing people who have shared content on Twitter from a competitor’s site. Navigate to the Influencers’ section, choose “Search Content Shared,” and enter their domain.

Brand Mention Alerts:

BuzzSumo’s Monitoring is useful for tracking mentions of your brand when it is used in the articles or any other content on the web and the inclusion to your website in the backlinks.. This tool is available with the 14-day free trial.

Let’s check the reviews of Buzz Sumo at some of the websites which engage in discussion, download and user’s review of the various software. The ranking based on the usefulness of Buzz Sumo is around 4.5 out of 5 at most places both by the experts and the general users.


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