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Social Media Manager (SMM), a few years ago, this was not even a real job designation. Even after the social media fad had gone viral, businesses were not sure whether they need a particular person to take care of their social media. Cut to today, companies are investing in social media to expand their audience and boost their growth. Along with the need to grow on social media, grew the need for a Social Media Manager.


A social media manager is the person in an organisation trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, the social media presence of a brand, business or a corporation. And we all know that almost every single person around us uses social media. So now you know that you need a social media manager but how do you hire the right person? How do you know that this person is an actual expert in the field and not just another millennial who uses social media on a daily basis?

Well, worry not because there are nine questions you should ask in the interview for your next Social Media Manager to see whether they know the meat or not.

Ques1: Which social media communities do you recommend for our business?

An expert will know that just creating accounts in all the available apps and websites is not enough. One should know what kind of social media communities are right for one’s brand or business.

Ques2: What are the plans that you will implement to drive clients?

This is where the actual meat is. If the person answers by giving a brief od two-three strategies they are going to implement, then this person knows the game.

Ques3: Which social media tools do you use?

This is an open-ended question. Your company may already have a tool for social media management, but make sure you ask this question. If the person lists out free software that does nothing more than allowing you to schedule posts, then she/he might not be the right choice.

Ques4: How do you deal with negative feedback or a brand reputation crisis?

Let us be honest, social media is not made of all things nice. There will always be people who are ready to post negative comments and give not-so-good-looking feedback. And some of them might be real complaints. You need to know what the person intends to do during a brad reputation crisis because it hurts your, well, ‘brand reputation.’

Ques5: Can you explain your biggest social media failure?

Just like everyone has a life, everyone has failures. The main thing you should be looking for in the answer is not what is the failure they have come across but what they have done to deal with it without causing any damage.

Ques6: Can you show some examples of social media projects you worked on?

Results speak. Whether you want it or not. Results are what everyone is basically working towards. If their results in previous projects talk about positive things, then give them a chance maybe?

Ques7: Pitch my company to me as if I were a potential customer

This is the question that will keep the candidate on the feet. You will know exactly how this person is going to work with potential clients and customers from your company. This will also tell you how much they know about your company and the level of passion they have towards it.

Ques8: What is the vital thing a social media manager should be doing?

The reply to this question will help you understand how well the candidate knows their job and how to get things done. The best answer is the one where listening gets more importance than monitoring. In social media, it is really important to speak less and listen more.

Ques9: How would you allocate our social media budget?

No bullshitting here. You are going to invest money into a virtual world expecting real life results. So definitely want to know whether the money is being put in the right place for the right kind of audience or not. The answer should include specific metrics on what goes where in terms of percentage.

Adding even a few of these questions in your selection process will help you separate the experts from the amateurs. Ask and listen to the answers carefully to understand and learn whether your future social media manager is the master blaster for your business needs. So go on and ask these questions to your next potential candidate and find the social media whiz who will drive clients to your business.


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