10 Amazing Ways To Monetize Your blog – Beginners Tips


Blogging revolution started with the rise of the Internet. Blog in the early 1990’s styled in the form of diary-driven web blog in the form of text.

The blog became the niche for the people with unconventional ideas. Blogging became the space to make money and as well as fame. Most of the People subscribe to read the daily adventures of Bloggers and find solutions to their queries. Blogs mushroomed like never before and encouraged people to change their lifestyles.

Who doesn’t want to be affluent? Who doesn’t want to be a success? People want to spin more money by any means. Blog is another source for people to make money.

A blog is categorized into:

  • Corporate blog– Either part-time or full-time they deal for a particular organization.
  • Entrepreneur blog– Bloggers write for their own company(business or technology).
  • The Hobbyist– Bloggers write it for fun and mostly contains personal musings.

Are you looking to monetize your Blog?

Here are the 10 amazing methods to Monetize your Blog as a beginner.

1.Create a list

The best way to start a blog to make money is following the trends. Yes. The world is craze over the trends might be Fashion, Food, Technology, Business, anything people want to follow them. Knowing the people’s interests and dislikes helps you in creating a blog of the particular product. So, start compiling a list of the products attracts the readers and sign up in your business directory. A tool called Business Directory Plugin is an easy way to get a kickstart.

2. Make a space to ads

Yes, what you see is sane. The best way to make money during the initial stage is by selling your blog space for ads to pop up whenever a reader clicks your link for a particular product. Most of the bloggers follow this strategy. However, selling banner ad spots is generally considered as an unproductive strategy these days. Think outside the box to make it more productive like renting your space for pop up ads, email newsletters and for social media headers.

3. Promote your Blog

Always renting your space to make money on your blog leads you to a partial promotion of the blog but it will not generate more views on your blog. Try promoting your blog without and out ads.

Google AdSense:

Some people create a self-hosted blog for ads and Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the most popular ad networks around the world. Adsense is accordant with free Blogger blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs, but it won’t work with a free WordPress blog.

There are two perfect ways to earn cash from Google AdSense:

  • Based on impressions on page views. For example, for every 500-1000 page views, you can obtain a specified a dollar amount.
  • Based on clicks on the ad from your site. You’ll earn a specific set dollar ranging from $0.01 to a couple of dollars depending on the ad.

The challenge is that, how much can you make money with AdSense depends on the traffic and the interest of people click on your ads. Never click on own ads, Google can penalize you for the click.

4. Include services to make some extra cash

Renting or selling your services is a passive income source to the blog. The decent way to publicize your blog is to offer services to the readers or subscribers of your blog. This benefits you in both the ways “Fame and Money.” Help your blog to nurture more by providing sell services or freelancing blogging services like content writing or graphic design to spread a word about your blog.

The other way to fill your pocket is through offering Consulting Services. Consulting services is a need in every sphere. Charge the service recipient accordingly like an hourly basis, if it’s through phone, email or Skype.

5. Write to the sponsors

Once you build up your blog, you will receive lots of sponsored post requests every day. This can be very helpful to increase the clicks and name to your blog. When you accept the sponsor request help them in writing about the brand wherein readers find it interesting to go and seek the product by disclosing about the sponsored post. Writing for them benefits both the sponsors and your blog to fame.

6. Promote in Social Media

Social Media is the first best way to promote about your blog. Expand your business on Facebook pages, sponsored tweets, and Instagram pictures. These are insanely easy and instant to post and quick to spin money and can charge from $20 to $500 and above depending on the audience number or crowd.

7. Blog is your treasure!

Yes. Blog wears multiple hats. Isn’t it cool ?! Finding all at one place. From texting to doing shopping, everything is comfortable with the blogs. Many people find interest in reading blogs because of what you share, traveling escapades and many more to get inspired.


Create content in a way to give an upbeat to your blog. Organize your blog sections without chaos. Give your blog a catchy title and savvy content so that viewers find it interesting to open your blog.


Give your blog a soul with colorful and lively pictures to your post. For instance, if your blog says about travel add traveling images in it, if it is a food blog add relevant food images. People find it more interesting rather than reading a soulless blog with only content in the blog.


The reliable source to your blog section. DIYs are the latest trend people are catching up these days. It includes free makeup tips, decor, fashion, handmade products, skin tips and so on. Try to upload unknown DIYs and tips for free in the separate section. People these days are pretty much in need of the DIYs rather than sending something for a product. Add DIY videos to your blog to make people more close to your unread parts of your daily blog. People find watching comfortably than reading the article what you post.

8. Sell merchandise and templates

As discussed earlier, blog plays many roles. Another role it takes is selling the products. Create a section in your blog to sell your products which is easy and free. If your page is all about fashion, sell the fashion merchandise and so on. From style to devices you can sell any product which is relevant to your blog to make some extra cash in your account.

Another ideal way to gain you some cash to sell templates. Templates work in almost any niche, create a template in a way where your audience can save time and money. Templates might be regarding Business for contract template, Fitness, Health, etc.

9.Review a product

To grab attention from the readers and have the highest clicks reviewing a product is mandatory. Ever since people started using a search engine as the primary source to find any information regardless of how important it is. Use this as your power tool to crowd your blog with viewers. Give an honest Review for a particular product to make people aware of the product and do not forget to rate it indeed. To make your blog most subscribed one reach out to relevant businesses and propose them to review their products for free.

10.Affiliate Links and Tutorials

In-depth tutorials are best for getting links and social shares. They can also spin money in a great way to your blog. Include links for the products in your tutorial. Promote your products and as well as sponsored products to gain more attention. Affiliate links within your post can give you income. You can start with the most famous affiliate links like Amazon etc.

Blogging became a fashion in many ways. Bloggers enjoy writing about their outlook towards the different products. Some start it as fun, and for personal stuff, some share their escapades, but eventually, they turned their hobby into making some money. So start using these basic yet best tips as your source to cash and name.


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