How To Use Pinterest For Business

pinterest for business

Pinterest, an interesting platform where people can discover great ideas, save and act on their favorite finds. Personally, Pinterest is my all time favorite pass time. Plenty some of the new pins everytime you log into the site, even after you save the posts and not to mention useful, beautiful pins of every category. The pins saved can reach not only their friends, followers but also other people. Almost 200 million people use Pinterest every month. Most people think that Pinterest is only for DIYs, Food, but that’s not at all true. Many of them use Pinterest for business. Yes, most of them use Pinterest to reach their business goal. You can be one among them. You can use Pinterest to increase traffic, drive awareness, deliver an action and boost in-store or online sales. The Pinterest allows all the above actions just by setting up the business account in here in seconds an that too for free. You can get your website ready that makes easier for people to save content from your website to their Pinterest boards. The other most useful thing on Pinterest is, your content has a longer shelf life. Unlike the other social platforms where the posts you post does not get lost after few hours or days and gains your posts more visibilities and traffic even if it was published a long time ago.

How to increase Website traffic by Pinterest?

By sending the visitors to your blog or website or online stores through the pins they save from which you add to your account. Once the visitors save the pin, their followers can see them, and if they save the pin, their followers can see them, similarly, one pin you add goes on like a chain process and in result what you have is additional audience traffic, new leads, and increased sales.

How to drive awareness?

Your posts can be visible to the visitors when they see similar ideas and posts to yours. You can get noticed to the pinners by the pinners looking for ideas to try and buy.
How delivering an action?
The Pinterest allows the visitors to purchase your products, get signups to your website newsletters and install from your pins. Also helps in reaching people for future purchases.

Among these many advantages of Pinterest in business, one should have an idea on how to use Pinterest for business effectively.

Shall we see how to use Pinterest for business?
Before anything else, first, let’s see

How to create a Pinterest business account?

If you already have the Pinterest account, turn it into the business account. For that, what you have to do is,

  • Log into your Pinterest account and go to “Pinterest for business”.
  • Click “convert now” to convert your present account into the business account.
  • Fill in the details and click “convert”.

    The benefit here is, your previous information will not at all be lost. You will have your previous posts, pins, and boards, followers the same way it was before, the only difference is you have a business account with few other features.

If you don’t have an account and are new to Pinterest, don’t you worry! The process is very easy and really it takes seconds.
#Go to “Pinterest for Business” and choose “Join as a business”.
#Fill in the details about your business and also the information about who is going to manage the account. Make sure, you complete your profile without leaving anything.
#After reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions of “Pinterest Business terms and services”, click the “create account”. That’s it! There you go, your Pinterest for Business account.

What after creating your account?

Nothing more, just keep on posting whenever you update your new blogs, or any new posts related to your business, like say whenever you get new stock of products that may be clothing, furniture or anything your business is about.
It is important to post frequently, mostly in the peak times like afternoons and evenings. Also, weekends are the best time to post than the weekdays.


Also, when comes to the pins, experts recommend accessing Rich Pins. The rich pins are those pins which have additional information in the pin itself. There are about five types of rich pins. They are a place, movie, article, product, and recipe.
#To access with rich pins you need to request access and add specific code to your website. For this, you need to go to the “Rich Pin Validation Page” and add your content URL in here and click “validate”. After validation, you’ll receive a message that you’re rich in is validate, next you have to click “apply now”. Once you click apply now, it takes around 2 to 3 weeks to get the approval. If you get the approval, the additional info you add with your pins will be showing below the pin. It will directly take the visitors to your website link as you provide it there.


Your job while using Pinterest for business is not only just posting, but to create some boards and add the pins to the specific boards that relate to the pin. That makes an easy allowance for the visitors to discover according to their ideas and preferences.
For example, let’s consider clothing business,
Here clothing means there are many types of dresses, clothes, patterns, and designs. So categorize the boards separately according to the types.
Put the boards that have the number of pins and which are popular at the top because when the visitors come to your profile, they can look at the best of yours.


If someone comments on your pins, respond to them and engage with them. If they have any queries regarding your product answer them in the comments itself if others have the same doubt even they will get to know.
Also, comment on your follower’s pins. If you make a move, they will make too.
Follow with popular boards which are relevant to your industry or path, comment on their pins. Make them know about your business. You can also learn from the types of pins they posts, and concentrate on points like how they got such a popularity and also helps in adding their followers as yours too.


Invite your other social media platform friends to join your boards on Pinterest. The Pinterest have an inviting feature that allows you to invite your friends from the find friends option. Try making so many friends that increase your follower lists to gain the traffic.


Like Google, Pinterest also allows checking the progress of the business through Pinterest analytics. This shows the data of how many pins you have posted and for how many people it reached everything.

You can also search the trending keywords on the Pinterest. In real, the Pinterest provides many features than you think, that’s why people love the Pinterest that much!
Another feature you might not have known is ”Pinterest also has ads”. Yes, it does. You can promote your pins to be seen by many people by Pinterest ads. You have to just pay for it, just like any other ads. It is a great way to get exposure for your pins.


  • Use high-quality images to pin.
  • Share good content
  • Frequently check your analytics and understand what type of pins are being shared the most and work on it.
  • Follow the boards which relate to your industry
  • Comment on others pins and respond to the comments your pins get.


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